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A New Beginning

I have started blogging quite sometime ago under NAAPL website. Recently, it comes to me that the website is more of a communtiy portal for my Lion Dance Troupe rather than my own personal website (a lot of posts and stuffs totally not related to Lion Dancing).

Some friends of mine who are interested in only my posts and photos got lost under the NAAPL site. (Kena Complained) Thus, it has been in my mind to move my personal stuff out. This really helps in keeping both site organised.

Its also nice to learn that blogger is coming out this new beta version which allows more customisation and features. Moreover, I do not need to create another user account (can use my current gmail account). One less password for me to remember. Yeah!!

I will blog more often about my new family in Thailand, personal philosophy, social interests in Thailand and Singapore(Comaparison and Differences) and maybe some other nosense that do not fall into the above categories.

A New Beginning (Like Star Wars hor..... :P)

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HH said...

Looking forward to see more entries!