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Why the title Singaporean[Quitter]

`Fair-weather Singaporeans will run away whenever the country runs into stormy weather. I call them "quitters".' Former Prime Minister Goh Chock Tong of Singapore at National Day Rally 2002

Think the above link summurise why the title. Hahaha. Anyway, if any of you bother to read the whole speech, 2 more paragraphs from the line above, will find that I might ber a "stayer"?

Number of people leaving and becoming quitters are of course, is still rising according to here.

I am not sure about myself as still I am on Tourist Visa in Thailand (more reasons on that later).

I like Singapore, I do and mainly because I grew up with my family and friends there. Every living memories of Singapore are still within me everyday and time over here in Thailand. But there are certain realities that I must come to terms with if I wish to stay in Singapore.

First, I have a baby and financially, I could not afford my wife and baby to be in Singapore. (EVEN if my wife and baby could come.)

Second, Education in Singapore is still stick to papers qualification and I do not want my baby girl to start competing so early. Kids over here are genuinely happy even without the fancy computer games or toys. I want my children to be in such environment.

Third, the amount of money I earned now in Singapore does not garuntee that I will retire early and have a easier lifestyle when I am old.

Fourth, I like Maesai, its peaceful and quiet. And of course, I have a big house here that I could never dream I could own one in Singapore.

In short, 10 or 20 years down the road, I most probably will find myself settling in Thailand for real . Unless there are some major changes in Singapore that suits my needs, I will be a quitter for sure.

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