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Breaking down the "Firewall"

I tred to refrain myself from posting technical and computer related stuff here. But recently, I was looking around for articles regarding the Thai's monach (King Buhmibol) and I got blocked by the Thai's firewall. I hate censorship (all types) , it a kind of mockery as no matter "evil " or nonsense is in the blocked site, I wish to read it and give my own judgment (not someone who filtered it and say its not good for you.)

Singapore itself has its own firewall. Basically, most of the sites that are blocked contains pornography materials (playboy, penthouse, etc etc), drugs and religious extremist. (try going into (partially blocked I heard) or watchtower one is rather interesting if not banned)

Anyway, its a stupid idea to block them as you can easily "unblock" them :) Here's how

Get this software from here. Known as TOR and follow the instructions from the website. Dont't worry about spywares or malwares. It has none as I am using it :). You can also download the software from here. What this software do is that it acts as a proxy and tries to resolve the name and ip from an external party (mainly somewhere out of the country). It also involves in privacy protection (you can read up on the website)

Just want to share this to all my friends. Happy surfing... Errr... try not to use this to go to hor... hehehe

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