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Crackers, Spinners, Smokes and many many more!!!

I have already mentioned about firecrackers in my previous post. As there are many varieties of explosives here in Thailand(hehe). I decide to write about it here (since many Singaporeans my age or below may have never seen or play with them before. Surprisingly, crackers here are cheap. But basically its just a one time toy and you are actually burning money (explode and gone liao)
Here's some reviews of the stuff I bought and play with (mind you, these are just part of the armada, there are many many more varieties over here)

The picture on the left shows a rocket and its varient. Both does not create a bang sound but just whizzes when its in the air. The rocket on the left could reach 6 to 7m high hehe. The other one on the right spins like a helicopter and reaches a height of 2m. I saw some kids holding the helicopter in their hand and let it spin forward (which makes it travel much furthur).
Damage: 5 baht for rocket, 3 baht for the helicopter each
Fun Factor: 6/10 for rocket 7/10 for helicopter.

Bangers are basically like its name, it gives out a loud BANG. hehe Bangers are all shaped in long tubes like cigarettes and comes in boxes. One end of the tip has some abrasive ignition material (like a match stick) So what you do is like lighting a match, you struck it with another abrasive material to catch a spark. Then you throw the banger on the floor and it will give a loud bang.

The picture you see on the right, leftmost are 2 little bangers (shortest) , which gives only one bang. The middle is a double banger (2 BANGs cosecutively. And the largest is 5 Bangs consecutive with sparks. The sound emitted is really really loud (like a gun firing). The kids here love to play this as it is the cheapest.

Damage : 5 baht for a box a small banger (20 sticks!!), 5 baht for box of double banger (6 sticks), and 10 baht for the largest (box with 5 sticks)
Fun Factor: 4/10 for both banger and double banger, 6.5/10 for the large one as can see sparks...

The little bombs in plastic bag are cracker bombs. They make loud crackling sounds and a lot of sparks. The green big one is a smoke bomb. No sound but a lot of smoke (in this case green colour smokes) There are many colours to choose from actually. Both are places on the ground and ignited with a match or lighter. Some kids here (dangerous) likes to hold the cracker bomb in their hand and wait for the fuse to almost go out before thorwing high up in the air (to simulate a firework)

Damage: 5 baht for a bag of 5 cracker bombs, 3 baht for the smoke bomb each.
Fun Factor: 7.5/10 for cracker bomb, 4/10 for smoky

Spinners are fun to watch. You place it on the ground and ignite it with a match. It will goes spinning in circle with sparks (like a sparkler stick we play) but with much intensity. It also gives off a loud whizz. In the picture, the only one which looks like a string is another variant of spinner and more expensive. It is a spinner cum cracker! hehe Besides giving off sparks and spins, it crackles like a cracker bomb (very hard to describe with words)

Damage : 6baht for a pack of regular spinners, 3 baht for one crackling spinner.
Fun factor: 7/10 for regular, 8/10 for crackling

Magic shotguns are mentioned in my previous post before. A long tube which you hold in your hand, the other end of the tube consists of a fuse. you light the fuse and point the tube up in the air. Shots of colour sparks will shoot up into the sky and explode(like a mini flare) In this picture, you see shotguns with different amount of payload. (The metal ruler is a 15cm scale to let you gauge how long is the tube. The amount of payload is (from shortest) 5, 10, 20 and 60shots Whoohoo!!

Damage: 5 baht for 5 shots, 10 baht for 10 shots, 15 baht for 20 shots and 30baht for the 60!
Fun Factor: Overall 8.5/10

Last but not least, Basic Fireworks!

I bought the cheapest among the fireworks. This is the rocket firework or in chinese, 冲天炮. Basically, you plant the stick on some soft soil or ground, light it up and RUN.. hehehe the fuse will go 5 sec and a loud whistle will follow. The rocket with fly off into the air and explode into mini sparks and crackles. The little ones already pack a punch, could fly up to 15m and as loud as a normal banger. The bigger one also flys about the same distance but the whistle is much louder and will give our a bang and mulitiple crackles. (combination of a banger and crackler bomb). There are bigger ones but errrr.... wify not very happy liao...hahahah

Damage: 10 baht for a bag of 10 small ones. The big one cost 10 baht EACH (ouch!)
Fun factor: 8.5/10 for small one (especially fun with you manage to consecutively ignite 3 of them in one go) 9/10 for the big ones.


HH said...

Are firework available all year round in Maesai? Or only during certain festival?

Hey I quite like the magic shotgun and the smoke bomb.

How large area the smoke bomb can cover?

Try this...

Throw 5-6 smok bomb in your courtyards, then light a whole packets of large bangers. Follow by 5-6 magic shotgun in the air then throw 8-9 spinners on the floor and finally light 5 - 10 large 冲天炮. haha.... creating a war zone man!

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

I think its available all year round but only cheap and plenty during the festive season. The thing is, i don't see it during songkran. It seems they prefer to set it during Loy Krathong?

Smoke bomb very little nia. Also not very fun leh.. no sound only colour smoke.

Err not recommended to light up so much at one go... lots of toxic smoke and the debris are quite a mess to clean up... hehehe

dun want to get killed by wife.