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Lots of things to write. Previews.

I have many things to write about but currently, I found myself a bit taxed. Got some web projects going on and it take a lot of my time. Anyway, here's a little rambling on what I want to write (so my faithful readers can come back and check often... hehehe)

Here's a list of things I wish I have time to write
  • Heard GST in Singapore is going to be raised to 7%. There were a lot of debates on this topic currently on the blogsphere in Singapore. I would like to comment about it
  • Baby girl now can sit and play. Also got some funny incidents that I want to share
  • Unlimited Visa Run in Thailand is over, I could only stay in Thailand for 90 days and wait another 90 days before I could return.
  • Comparision of politics in Thailand and Singapore (Have a draft but no time to edit it)
  • More food in thailand!
  • Another interesting story about another character.
  • Thai woman and Burmese woman (whoo hoo!!!)
  • and etc
All of the above I will complete them. Now... back to website and global car exports.

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