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Loy, Loy Krathong! (Part 1)

First, if you wish to know more about the festival. Check out here.

Xinhui woke up early as usual and we prepare ourselves for the day. Normally people already built their lanterns a few days before, but as wify promised a friend to build it together on the actual day. Thus the last minute rush. hehe. After dressing up, we proceed to the market to get the materials.

The usual lantern is made up of a round base (trunk of a palm tree). With flowers and leaves decorating it. We bought one medium size base (cheap cheap lah), flowers, pins, plastic pegs, candles and banana leaves. Its also in the market that we found the firecrackers (hehe).

We arrive at her friend's house and the whole household was involve in building their own little lanterns.

The base was covered in banana leaves and we folded little triangles of banana leaves to decorate around the circumference and top. Pins and decorative plastic pegs are used to hold the decor in place. Simple handi-craft. But loads of fun when you do it together. Sharing tips and comparing styles. Girl girl at first, seat quietly on Mama's lap before started to throw her temper. (干打雷,不下雨). Both of us have to take turns carrying her and make the lantern.

Anyway, here's the final product.

There are also lanterns made of cakes or paper oragami. But the one above is the traditional northern thai Loy Krathong. More to come in Part 2!

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