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Loy, Loy Krathong! (Part 2)

After making our lantern. We went back home to rest as it will be very hectic in the night. Evening arrives and we had a simple dinner. I took some time off to take some pictures of our village party while my wife and baby prepares for the night. Click on picture below to see a photo blog.

Came back and we took off to the main road for the parade. Wife was with her friend's car. While I took the bike. Freaking crowded and we spend more time navigating through the roads rather than watching the parade.

After the parade, we went to collect our Loy Krathong from her friend's house and set off to the canal. At the canal, we took some time to walk around (there were lots of makeup stalls selling food, lanterns and other novelties) and bought more firecrackers and a big balloon lantern. After the final shopping went down to the bank to release the lantern. Before we release, we are suppose to close our eyes and say all the bad things (like confession) that we had done to the river or water into the lantern. After that, we release the lantern into the water and look at it till it leaves our sight.

Reached home and set the balloon off. Quite fun actually, have to wait for the hot air to fill the balloon up. After that is firecracker time! Yeah. Set loads of them off and Girl girl was transfixed by the lights and sounds (never cry leh!) hehehe.


HH said...

Any idea where does the canel lead to? So what happened to the thousand of floating lanterns eventually?

I thought I saw a really huge one! Haa...

Kai_Bros said...

Interesting culture in Thailand.