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Nearly killed by PAP MP.

I was chatting with an old friend in msn messenger. We were talking about politics in Singapore and some interesting observations we have on our MPs. During this little chat, I kind of recalled that I had a near "accident" with one of our MP (cabinet level some more leh)
Promised my friend to blog the details here. So here goes :)

If I remember correctly, it was 2003 or 2004, I can't tell the exact date but it happened in Tampines East Community Centre (or club). Our club, NAAPL was invited (or actually paid) to perform a welcoming lion dance for the guest of honour. Sure enough, the guest of honour is none other than Mah Bow Tan (short form to MBT). We came early as usual and waited for him to come. As one of our member stays nearby in Tampines, he wish to purchase a mah-jong table for us to go to his house to play. We then heard there is some delay and the guest of honnor MBT will be late.

My friend and I decided to go around the neighborhood shop to look for the mah-jong table. Found a shop that sells it and we kind of discuss whether can fit into his car. Hehehe.

We then proceed back to the Community Centre. My friend was walking on the pavement, while I was walking on the road that leads to the lobby of the CC. Out of nowhere suddenly, a Toyota SUV (Harrier I think) suddenly appeared out of the corner, (my back is facing the car and I heard the approaching car) I jumped to one side and the car brake (almost ebrake) He was doing more than 20km/h definitely and it was a curve road. I tried to look who is the rude and reckless driver but he step the gas and took off! My friend look at said, " I think that was MBT!" And we kind of realised we were to welcome him. We took off and reached the lobby and was confirmed that he was the one that nearly ran over me. We did not need to start the performance as he was ushered to a press room and talking to the journalists. I was of course, not very happy with the whole incident.

He should at least open his windows and ask if I'm alright. But I don't think he is gracious enough to do that. Bad experience. For those non-Singaporeans. An MP stands for Member of parliament and here's a link to the joker that nearly killed me.

The same joker is also involved in this Renaming Marina fiasco. :) And the worse thing is that I heard he is give $2billion to be in charge about Orchard Turn.

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HH said...

This shows that your life is worthless in the eyes of the Elite.