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No More Unlimited Visa Runs!

This might not ring a bell in most Singaporean friends. I need to explain what a visa run is. :)

Visa run in Thailand is that any foreigners who came into Thailand via Visa On Arrival (VOA) are given a 30 days entry permit. Once the due day is upped. You could just go to a nearby border (like Maesai or Cambodia). Exit the country for a day and come back in on the same day and get another 30 days on your passport.

The thai law used to state there is no limits on this visa run. So basically, a lot of foreigners use this easiest and cheapest method to stay in thailand (I met a few in Chiang Mai who has done it for 3 or 4 years!)

So now the law has changes and was passed. On 1st Oct 2006. All VOA (Tourist Visa) will only be allowed to do a visa run for 3 consecutive times. (90 days to be exact) After this, they need to leave the country and wait for 90 days before they could re-enter the kingdom.

The reason is that they want foreigners to apply the proper visa. But the citeria are strict and the process is a big hassle.

Now my problem is that since my wife is not a full Thai yet(and we can't get married under Thai law) and baby is still not a Thai citizen. I can't get the O Visa which is for marriage and dependent. (Very stupid isn't it? ) That's why I have been doing Visa Runs.

Two options are left for me.

1. Get a B Visa which is for buisness or work. Very tough and if I start my ow business, I need to find a Thai partner and he has to be the big share holder 51% - 49%
2. Wait for wife to get her Tang Dao (90% Thai) not sure when though after Thaksin left :(. while waiting, I just have to exit and leave the country and being forced to leave my baby girl alone with my wife for 90 days. (will miss her dearly)

I will be back in January (thats my max stay for 3 runs) and will try to apply for the O visa again.

Just like the sub-title of the blog "Lots of problems... no solutions...."

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