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I have a dog (type is Si Shi). Actually, its my wife one lah. I never agreed with her on that purchase (long story) but now since wife got baby. I took most of the time taking care of her. (Bath, Groom, Feed and of course, clearing the poo)

My dog got pregnant recently (see this old post for more info) and we had no idea who is the father (see here for some explanation too)

Anyway, Cindy gave birth to 4 lovely black puppies (3 girls, 1 boy) on 26 Sept 2006 on her own. Here's 2 photos of the event. Could not catch all 4 puppies at same time as Cindy was very very protective of them. She would growl at anyone near her newborn babies.

After a month, the puppies are a bit nuisance. They cried a lot and shit and peed everywhere. So I told my wife we better start giving them out. We had an argument about that as I wanted to give all the pups away while my wife wants to keep one. My reason is mainly I do not have the time to take care of 2 dogs. Moreover, 2 dogs means more shit for me to clean.

At first, my wife relented and decided to give all the dogs away. On 28th Oct (recently only). My wife's friend took 2 of the pups away. So now only left 2. Cindy was quite upset for the next few days. And my wife keeps nagging me that we should keep one. I relented after feeling quite bad for Cindy and decided to keep the male. The other female is going to be taken away soon by the Ah Ma next door (the one with 12 dogs), she said her friend is looking for one and would like to keep it.
I kind of regret not taking some photos of all 4 puppies while they are around (no time really). So I quickly snapped the last 2 as a momento that the boy (still no name yet) has 3 sisters.

Puppies are fun to play with, but their shit and pee is really a nuisance :P

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