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Toys you don't see in Singapore. (updated)

Its Loy Krathong in Thailand. Every kids here are playing with crackers or building their own lotus shape lantern floats to be released in water. I will cover more on the festival in my next post. This one touches more on firecrackers. Hehe

As you can see in the picture, there are 3 common crackers played by people here. For those around my age or older. You should recognise the sparklers and "Pop Pop".

The longtube (like a pencil) is the most shiok one. Its called "Magical Shotgun". Once lit, you held the end and it will shoot 5 sparks (or flares) up into the sky. Each shots comes with a different colour. Wife told me that she used to play a 30 shots (bloody long tube) when she was a kid. hehe .. Would really want to get hold of that!

Cost of the Sparklers and the tube of magic shotgun is 5 baht each. Pop Pop whole box is 10 baht. Dirt cheap and there are more varieties. Will buy more and test all of them. Haha. Too bad Singapore had banned these harmless explosives.

It also makes me wonder whether the new generations of kids in Singapore will ever know about these toys beside their TV or computer games. To me, all toys are a bit dangerous in certain areas. Firecrackers can be safe too if the adults are SUPERVISING. The thing is most parents just buy a toy and shove it into the kid's hands and forget about it. Things happened and they blame the product.


Went to the market this morning and found a shop selling all the firecrackers (see above pic) can see the round shape thingie and boxes on the top shelves?? Those are real fireworks!! Price range from 180 to 300 baht (the big fat one cost 280 though). I drooling with glee liao. But wife stare at me (give me the look) so did not buy any of those big ones. :(

Anyway, stock up on the mini "explosives" heheh.. Will post more pictures and maybe review them in another post. Back at a friend's place to work on our lantern.

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