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Another toy not seen in Singapore.

Here's another toy not found in Singapore but most of the other countries has it. Its an air pistol!

I have seen this in Maesai and Bangkok for some time but never really got the guts to purchase one. But the more I see it, the more "gian" (willing) to buy one to try ans see how it works.

So finally bought one here at the market, damage is 450baht (SGD 19++). This one is a electric pistol with a torch. Check out the box! Quite cool packaging.

On the shelves also got M-16, submachine guns and other models to choose from. All of them made from China. First I thought it was all metal, but actually its just hard plastic. Quite solid but light in my hands.

Open the package and it includes a manual, safety glass, the torch light, the pistol, batteries, cleaning rod (for jammed pellet), charger and the pellets (6mm BB) see photo.:)

You could buy these extra pellets at the store too. Not sure the price but I heard its 50baht for one big box.

The gun itself is pretty huge! Check out the scale, (I placed a metal 15cm ruler for comparison). It feels quite solid and there is a safety mechanism at the handle which you need to depress before you could trigger. I have not really tried shooting, but I kind of like the sound of the gun popping and recoiling. The torch light is mainly for decoration. Doubt its usefulness, but the light is blue in colour. So quite cool.

The magazine is small and slides out from beneath the handle. It could hold up to 16 pellets. The feeling is like loading our M16 magazine in SAF lor. The cleaning rod is made of plastic and according to the manual, its for jammed pellets in the chamber. So if the gun is jammed. Just stick the rod into the barrel to remove the pellet. (Like out rifle cleaning kit lah)

Really really interesting toy. There are many variants here. The M-16 really looks like the real one (but plastic lah)and has a laser pointer at the front but cost 1700baht. Got shotguns also, but not sure what ammo they are using. I never really see kids here play with these dangerous toys. Maybe they do. But still, after fiddling with it. I quickly lock it and keep the keys away. Don't want my girl girl next time use this to shoot me :p.

Forgot to add, for those who watch or play games a lot will know the air pistol I bought is a model of a very famous pistol. Anyone care to guess? If you got watch the movie Snatch, it's bullet tooth Tony's gun. :)


HH said...

Wah I also gian liao...
$%#^$%% law here. Think the police having a good time filming opposition rather then catching real robber. Haa..

That look like the Israelite Desert Eagle 0.50 Mag.

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Spot on the gun model. :)

I think in Singapore its better to disallow such toys though. You need an open space to play this safely and I think Singapore is too cramped to have such toys.