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Everything must grab and saliva.

Its been some time since I update on my baby. Now in her seventh month. The baby is becoming a monster!! hehehe. Likes to wave her arms and slap around. Especially on mama and papa's face. She also has the tendency now to grab everything she sees in front of her. Most of the time, she would grab the item and place it in her mouth before throwing them away. My spectacles has been a victim of hers for sometime.

Her insecure phase I mentioned before seems to die down a bit but still more attached to mummy than other people. She could however, at least, sit alone and play with her toys by herself while mummy go grab something or to the loo.

Another bit of nuisance is her saliva. She likes to spew them, going BLLZZZ.... BLZZZZ.... Making a mess on herself or on the bed. Her teeth has sprung (a bit only) so I guess we have to live with the mess for sometime before her teeth is fully out.

She still likes to go out and now, she displays an immense interests on new faces and items not seen at home. Recently we went to a village meeting (something like an AGM) and she was literally staring at one man sitting behind us. For 15 mins of the talk, she was staring at the man non stop (I didn't see her blink though), making us a bit embarrassed. Hehe..

Finally, the biggest update is she could cry Mama when she feels uncomfortable or wants mummy to carry her.... Wonder when she could shout PaPa?? :P

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