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Golden Pizza!

Food here in Maesai is quite repetitive and lack variety (small town). Anyway, a new pizza restaurant has opened and its called Golden Pizza. My Internet Cafe boss said its very good and the taste and crust is actually comparable to a real Italian pizza(He's an American Italian heritage). I was a bit sceptic as Asians tends to change the taste to suite their style. Anyway, since wify not around and I lazy to cook, ordered one large Mexican Thin Crust today through phone (They even do delivery to my house leh) and waited a bloody hour for it. Finally arrived in a box. See picture below.

Its huge, I actually wanted to save some for later but end up eating the whole thing by myself. Wat lau. Best pizza I had eaten. Much better than pizza hut or pastamania in Singapore. I think the chef learnt it from someone who really knows hot to cook a pizza. Damage 280Baht for the large one(15"). Cheap and tasty.

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HH said...

Think Fatboi weight is going back up again!