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I hurt my back.

Jia lat. My old backache came back and visit me today. I was carrying some heavy stuffs and mopping the floor. When I stopped, my back hurts a bit. Went to lie down and ask wify to massage me. (BIG MISTAKE)

Wify was carrying baby and she asked girl girl to use her feet to stomp on my back. Aiya, only 7kg, no feeling. I asked my wife to use more force leh. Bloody hell, she step onto my back without asking me. Hurt like hell. Want to kill her on the spot but cannot move liao:P.

Lie in bed, wife still giggling, think I trick her. Then realise her mistake and say sorry. Now got 2 Tiger Balm sticker on my back. At least can sit and walk. But from sitting/prone position to standing is painful.

Never ask my wife for a back rub again. Me scared liao.


Anonymous said...

You so lucky man. Your wife can give you thai massage everyday FOC.

HH said...

Ha...sorry to be so uncompassionate... but this is quite funny...hee.... So need shipment of Tiger Balm?