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Sticky like glue.

Girl girl is now 6 months plus and sticky to mummy like glue. Hehe. This is especially true in the evening time when she wants to sleep.

In the day time however, most people can carry her. So long as mummy's around the vincinity. If wify just disappear from her eye sight, she would cry immediately (actually not cry lah.. just complain with no tears...)

For me, special case. I could carry her at certain positions, her favourite is sitting position with my arms cradling her, her face facing forward. Quite a tough position for me as it tires be quite easily. Normally this could go on forever, but sometimes, she would start looking around and I know she is looking for mummy liao. So naturally, I just rushed to my wife and she would be calm again.

Now let me describe how she behaves without mummy around. She would cry and make a lot of noise (no tears though) and kick around. And she would continue to do this until mummy takes her back. Got one time, I brought her out for a stroll and she started this routine. I have to run back home to hand it back to mummy. For 10 mins non-stop, she was fussing. The funny thing is that once she is in mummy's hands. She would stop immediately! Wat lau...and can smile at you somemore...


HH said...

It all depends what kinda baby you are. Some baby are quite fussy about who can carry them while some are super friendy and anthings go.

I was told I am the fussy kind...hehe...

So what kind of baby are u back then? Hee........

Anonymous said...

it is like that one.. My gf sister second daughter about 18 months also like that. always stick to mummy. Sometimes, I discussed with my gf is that, you have to give baby eat fish, as this improve their memory. Do you come across sometime you carry this baby she never cry, then 1 week later, she wont let you carry her? Probably she have forgotten you liao. So eating fish probably can help..

Chin Soon

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

I have read some baby psychology books and this attachment during this period is quite normal. The extensiveness and period will varies depends on baby's personality (HH is spot on that)

About CS, fish is indeed good as fish's fatty acid contains Omega 3 or DHA which helps in stimulating baby's brain and nerves development. It also improves her skin, give it a glow (hehe). Anyway, I am giving her a cod's liver oil capsule every day.

Thanks for the comments guys, sorry for not replying earlier.. my back still hurts..