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On Public Transport

Before even my return, my cousin and some friends told me that our public transport (especially the buses) has gone from bad to worst.

I tried very very hard to psycho myself that this is not true, but after 12 days of Singapore self proclaimed "World Class" Transport. I have to admit that the above statement is none other than absolutely true. To put it bluntly, it has gone from bad to WTF. Sorry for the expletives but here's an observation of the pass 12 days.

Day 1 20 Jan - Bus 36 from Changi to Home. Waited 30min for the bus to arrive. Stopped at T2 for another 10min.

Day 2 21 Jan - Bus 48 from Home to Bugis. Waited 17min for bus to arrive. Driver drives very SLOWWWWW all the way from home to ECP.

Day 4 23 Jan - From Home to Bugis. While waiting, Bus 197, doing more than 60km/h zoom pass my busstop. Aren't they trained to slow down at bus stops?

Day 7 26 Jan - From House to Orchard via 36. Bus is very dirty with tissue papers and advertisement (those hanging on the hand rails one) on the floor.

DAy 8 27 Jan - From Orchard to Ngee Ann Poly. Waited 28 min for bus. At night, from Toa Payoh to Home. Bus waited 10mins. Was empty all the way until hit Parkway at 9.30 plus. Single deck bus was so packed that I have to crawl my way out.

Day 10 29 Jan - Took a train from Bedok to AMK. At bedok, waited 9min (missed the early one). Train comes quite packed. At Cityhall, train also packed. Time is around 11pm. Off peak should not be that packed right?? Last time still got seats, now cannot even find a good place to stand.
From Funan to Bugis. Bus 12 I think. Mobile TV one operating one down.
From Bugis to Home. Bus 48. Crowded bus at 5pm. Now people got early release? hehe

Day 11 30 Jan - From Suntec (carrefour) bus 36 to Orchard Road. Again, bus quite dirty. Same issues with the hanging advertisements.
Took 16 from Orchard to home late at night after dinner. The bus got a very loud and irritating screeching sound whenever it moves.

Day 12 31 Jan - Home to Orchard bus 36. Got funny smell on the bus. Smells like rotten fish.

PS The rest of the days not in the list is because I did not take any buses

And the same jokers still dare to increase the fares last year while their profits goes up! Err... Got Logic?? Someone should fire the PTC and replace the chairman. I could make a good candidate for PTC.. hahaha

Another Camera to my list....

Hehe... Since mood not so good, so must use shopping therapy. Saw a bargain in clubsnap(local photography) forum and decided to grab one for myself.

Its a PnS Fuji Finepix 31 fd (face detection)

This little bugger is great as it has ISO 3200!!! High ISO means I could take shots at low light without flash most of the time. The noise level is also low. (That means its useable up to ISO 1600)

So far, this is the only compact PnS camera that has such good low light capabilities. And the size of the camera is quite small too. Which means this will displace my wife Panasonic Fx-1 as my main walk around camera.

Anyway, why is it a good deal?? $540 for the camera, a mini-tripod, screen protector, 2 batteries (1 3rd party spare free), and 2 I repeat 2, 1 Gig XD card. Xiao liao.... wife kill me liao... :P


I am well. Physically, I mean. But I am a bit depressed while I am writing this. I have a friend who is a councillor and he did gave me some tips while I am feeling down. And that is to "Talk it out".

It has been a week away from my wife and girl, 3 more days and it will exceed the maximum 10 days I had been away from them. I have this similar feeling last time but as I knew I will be going home on the 10th day, the feeling is not as strong.

I know I am slinking into depression as all the symptoms are there. Tired, can't focus, sleep a lot but still feel weak and tired. Everything seems dull and boring. Nothing really interests me. Bad-tempered, easily angered for no apparent reason and etc etc..

But what suppose to make me happy is actually tearing me apart. The daily 15min or less video conference with my wife and baby. It was great when we chat and see each other, but once it stops, I feel empty. I could not, physically touch, feel and hug my wife and baby Xinhui. I can't describe the feeling but its actually quite horrible. I broke down yesterday after the video conference. In my room alone.
The video is suppose to make me happy but now it actually reinforces me that we are 1000kms apart.

But I guess I should be okay as I already acknowledged this problem. I bought the Justice League Season 1 DVD and start watching already. Feels a bit better.

No Comments for this post though as this is quite personal.. :) No worries, I will be alright. I experienced worst than this before and I swear nothing will happen to me as I still got a family that needs me.


Tuesday night I had a server stomach cramp. Can barely breadth and couldn't sleep at all. The cramp is not exactly painful but very irritating and feels like muscle ache pain. Tried standing, squatting and other various positions but nothing helps. Mum got worried and we took a cab to A&E at SGH.

The nurse saw me sweating and immediately pushed me into the check-up room. Nurses measured my blood pressure and did an ECG on me. Luckily not heart attack. Later doctor diagnosis is gastritis. Forced me to drink some white liquid and gave me a drip. Took my blood (bloody hell) 3 times! First time needle cannot find my vein. Pulled out. Stick another. Drew some but not enough for testing(Na ma). 3rd time then managed to grab the sample. Sians (last time in army oso like dat)

Tried resting on the bed but the cramp got worst. Called the doctor for help and finally gave me a big injection that actually helps reducing the cramp. Later took an X-ray and results of blood test show some minor infection. So can discharge liao. Gave me an appointment on 13 April 2007 (so long) to see a specialist. Took a cab home and only managed to go to sleep at 9am.

Now still resting at home. Hopefully can recover soon.

Touch down...

I arrived yesterday at around 820pm at Changi airport. Took a bus home in our "world class transport" (waited for bloody 20mins plus before it arrived.)

During my waiting time, I SMS to some friends, telling them I'm back and immediately, I was bombarded by messages... hahah .. big mistake for mass messaging. Anyway, I spend the day today at home just sleeping. Called wife and girl twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. After dinner, I went to Parkway to take a walk. A bit not used to the crowded shopping centre.

On the way back, I was thinking about this blog... I am now, not currently in Maesai, should I continue to write or just wait for my return? Since this blog is more about my experiences in Thailand. I was actually thinking of taking a sabbatical for this blog and work on some personal project. However, I think its still possible to write some articles regarding the changes in Singapore that I observe. 5 months absence may not be that long but still, I do feel they might be some changes that I could pen down.

Interesting observation about our "purchased" flats.

Nothing to do while waiting for my plane so was in Sammyboy Coffee Shop Forum, stumbled upon this thread and kind of agree with the OP. Is the HDB flat really belongs to you?? 99 years lease is just a smokescreen. You don't actually own the land which you resides on. And when there is a force sale (due to old properties), our law only needs 85% of the tennants to approve the sale and you will be forced to sell and move. Compared to Thailand and most other countries, we actually purchase the land. Not the house. And the best thing is I can pass the house generations after generations. (The value will be there) What about our HDB flat?? I'm really not too sure. So for example, if the 99 year lease is up, do your children get a refund?? And if so, is it the same sum as you paid for it or more or less? No one really address this issue before.

I know our land space is limited but the pricing of HDB is no longer as attractive as it used to be. Moreover, the new HDBs has all sorts of unneccessary landscapings and decorations that is forced upon the purchaser. Whatever happened to the old HDB?

I am SAVED from boredom!

Its 12 noon here in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and it has free wifi access!!! Yeah! My flight to Singapore is at 16.45pm... still got 5 more hours. But with Internet, time will fly much faster for me.

Initial impression of the new airport is that its big but still, a bit too crowded. The design is quite similar to Changi actually and I did noticed some parts of the building are still not painted yet. Lots of shops (too many I think) and not enough chairs. Overall ok lah.

Anyway, just now make my first video call to wife and girl girl using Skype. All is well, girl girl looks happy seeing me on the screen though. Haha.. have to really get used to the fact that I can't physcially touch or carry her. Some Thais behind me saw me doing the video call and were a bit impressed by my techno wizadry.. hehehe..There were like open mouth and discussing how I was able to do that and also smiled when they see girl girl..

Anyway, plan to read up a bit more before loading the movies I intend to watch. :P

Home coming by myself.... again.

Tomorrow I will be flying back to Singapore. I was supposed leave today and stay a night in Bangkok to visit the Singapore Embassy before my departure. But due to the recent hostilities and demonstration outside the Singapore Embassy. I decided to cancel the trip. More over, I want to spend more time with my wife and baby. Will be missing them.

I am taking a morning internal flight from Chiang Rai to Bangkok and then have to wait till 4pm before my flight to Singapore. Normally I take Tiger Airways from Chiang Mai but due to this little saga, I decided not to support them with my money :P. Even it means more troublesome for me. (Price wise is about the same)

Anyway, i will be armed with my Mac Book Pro and some divx movies (mostly TV series). So just need to find a spot with an electric outlet and the wait won't be that long.

At the time I am writing this, I am having Pizza again. I am also installing a gate and extending the roof at the back of my house. This will convert the long alley at the back of my house into a store room. Price of the whole project is 26,500 baht. (1000++ SGD). I don't think they could finish on time, so I guess I will get to see the results only when I am back.

I still eagerly hope for the day to come when my wife and baby is able to join me on the trip back to Singapore. Else, it will be just another boring routine.

Good and Bad News.

What a day! The good news is JL and MY got a smooth operation and they are now a happy family with 2 healthy babies. Check them out here! My congratulations to them. Seems like my bai bai got work... hahaha

The bad news is regarding my wife's status.. No go on her citizenship. We are suppose to meet up some "high ranking" officials at the local district office to convert her PR to a full thai citizen. But there are some last minute changes in the "deal". We feel its a scam and ignored the deal. (I don't want to talk too much about this issue as its not very politically correct of what we are doing).

Anyway, we are used to such dissapointments. So no worries. Just need more patience and wait for the day to come.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Tomorrow, 17 Jan 2007 is a big day. First, my friend JL is going to have twins. Operation is set at 12 noon. Two boys at one go! All the best to JL and MY. My wife and I already Bai Bai for your family. Everything will be as smooth as silk.

Its also going to be a big day for me in Maesai. Something great and promising is happening here. Things are suddenly moving so fast that I thought I am in a dream. Theoratically, if tomorrow's meeting is successful... all my problems here in Thailand will be more or less solved! Both my wife and I are still pinching and punching each other to see we are dreaming anot.

17 Jan 2007 is also one day short of Xinhui going into her 8 month. Time really flies when you have a baby or children. She was so fragile just a few months ago and now starts to display traits of a human being. She really enjoys exploring new stuff and likes to put everything she grabs in her mouth (my mum said I have this personality too when I was a baby... hehe). Today, we saw her, for the first time, able to change from proning position to sitting position, all by herself without our help. Wife and I was so proud of her.

Anyway, there will be an entry tomorrow. Definitely. Its just whether its good news or bad news.

Babbling Baby.

Girl now likes to babble. Lots of things to say but totally make no sense. Hehehe :P

Anyway, recorded a sound clip when we are playing with her. Listen here. (Do turn down the volume a bit). Let you guess what she wants to bite ^_^

Snap Preview!

I have added SNAP preview to both and this blog. Its a very interesting and powerful script that actually previews the links on your website. I kind of like the eye candy but the main purpose is to help verify whether the link is dead or malicious in nature.

For those interested, just go here and sign up. Its free and there are instuctions on how to install them on your website. (Very easy for blogger accounts)

A typical day in Thailand.

Saw javert's query on what is my typical lifestyle in Maesai and realised I have not write one yet. I don't have a fixed schedule. (I hate fixing them) So this is just a brief guide on what I normally do.

On a typical day when I am not working, I usually wake up at around 7am (sometimes earlier if baby wakes up) . Normally I would look after the baby a bit as my wife always have to wake up in the night to feed baby or take her to pee. If baby is still sleeping, I will do some chores like laundry (just dump the clothes into washing machine lor). Let the dog out for her bombardment. Sweep the ground (leaves) around my house and garden. Then proceed to boil some water and cook some breakfast (normally just toast but sometimes got bacon and eggs). If not, take the bike out and go buy breakfast from the market.

In the afternoon(before lunch), I will turn up the computer and surf. Read some news and blogs. Do some research and read up on latest technologies or stuff related to computers. I could spend a lot of time in front of the computer if something grabs my attention. If not, normally will play with baby with her toys and sometimes we go out for lunch or visit some friends of my wife. For lunch, normally we buy or Ta Pao if only 2 of us eating. If her mum or some friends or relatives around, we will cook. Lunch time is a hassle as normally, Xinhui not very happy if both of us eat together, so normally I eat fast fast and then wife eat. Lunch time is also the time I feed my dog and play with her a bit. When baby naps, I will work on my tank models or watch some Sat TV. Sometimes, all 3 of us nap together ... hehe

In the early evening (around 4 to 5pm), most of the time we go to the market to buy food or groceries for dinner. Normally we cook but sometimes lazy just go to a restaurant or food stall and eat.

After dinner, normally I will wash the dishes while wife handles baby. I might mop the floor if its dirty and start water the garden. At around 7pm, normally I will let my dog out again to play with other dogs (our neighbor got 12 of them). And sometimes, we go for a little walk with baby.

Around 8pm, wife will be watching TV while I will work again on my tank models or surf the net.
We usually sleep at around 9 to 10 pm but recently, I slept quite late(sometimes as late as 1am) as got Broadband at home liao.... hehe

Engaging a politician?

There was an interesting article regarding prominent social commentary bloggers like Mr Wang, Alex Au, Xenoboy and others for not accepting an invitation to get a chance to speak to our ministers.

I kind of only agree half of what she is saying. Especially the part that Mr Wang gave a poor excuse for not going. My personal thoughts is what is the main purpose of accepting this invite? Is it just a chance to be on the TV? Or is it really a chance to meet a minister and hope we can get a straight forward dialogue? If that is so for the latter, why the need to go to the show? We could comment at George Yeo's blog and wait for an answer . Is it in anyway, different from being on a TV, conversing with a minister or giving feedbacks through their blogs? It just another way of communication. Direct face to face is much faster and responsive but I would prefer discussions in forum or blogs to have more time to digest the information and formulate a more researched reply. I think this is MY or many others preference. A person who writes very well may not be very articulate when facing a camera or a real person. Suay suay is Mr Wang is a lawyer (so this excuse cannot apply lor) haha.

Anyway, more and more people are aware of blog as a new medium of information and dialogue. Even our Prime Ministers and ministers are aware about it and understood its potential as a tool to communicate with the people. I do not really see a big deal in appearing on TV and speak to a minister is going to change our country (as what Gayle had mentioned). But still, we need to try and never stop expressing our views (through MSM, blogs/Internet, or meet the MP session) to our MIW. This is what I think I really agree with Gayle on. Don't just complain, get to meet them and talk to them. I think most of them are genuinely nice and will try to work things out.

Fever and bombs.

Girl girl was very sick today :( . We took her to a clinic and her temperature was a shocking 40.3 degrees. The doctor immediately asked the nurse to give her an injection and a cold bath. It pains both of us seeing girl girl crying and screaming while the missy applied the cold bath on her. After the bath, her temp dropped till 38. Still high but at least it dropped. The doctor told us to monitor her and if her temperature increases again, she will need to be admitted to a hospital.

Now she is sleeping while I type this and her last reading is a normal 37. Still, we need to be with her and monitor her through the night. Now girl girl very angry with us for ignoring her when she is suffering her cold bath treatment. Can tell the trust between us has temporary broken. She don't allow anyone except mummy to carry her and she cries if mummy tries to adjust her and change her clothes.

Another thing is the bomb scarce here. Seems like the Bangkok blast is making everyone nervous here. There were rumours that there are bombs found at Big C (something like carrefour) in Chiang Rai and the Tesco Lotus shopping mall in Maesai is a target too. There are a lot of uncertainties as till this day, no one is sure who is responsible for the bombs. Still, there were news in the Net and media that witnesses see military personal dropped the bombs at the location. Might be a big conspiracy by the Thai military to use this as an excuse to keep them in power. Still, all these are speculations and hope the matters solves sooner as I will be travelling to Bangkok soon.

This is going to be cool...

I am working on a new model and so far, here's the result

The reason for all the excitement is that so far, I have made no mistakes on this project! hehehe. I think I can achieve better results here than in Singapore due to the more relax pace in building. In Singapore, I tend to rush as my room does not have enough space for all my half built models or unfinished paint. Going to be a 3 colour camouflage pattern. So now the base is done. For those intrested, the technique I am using is called pre-shading. A Red-Black (brownish) coat is applied as base. Then I spray the desert yellow (lightest colour) of the 3 camouflage as base. Next in line will be green followed by brown the last. Do note that i did not cover the edges so as to make the model more 3D.

Myanmar Trip Log Day 4 and 5

Day 4

We are supposed to return to Thailand today but as its her grandpa's birthday, we decided to spend one more day to celebrate for the old man. My wife wants to buy a cake and look for some scarfs to bring back to Maesai to sell. She convinced me that the scarfs will earn back our taxi fares to Keng Tung. Reluctantly, we and her mum set off on a Tuk tuk to the big market in Keng Tung. Its huge!! Just like Chatuchat in Bangkok. Selling all sorts of stuff in one big area. We tried looking for the scarfs but it seems its all sold out. Think some guy already got the same plan and bought the whole lot. We shopped around and bought the cake and some baby clothes. We then head back home and on the way, stopped at the hotel to pay for my additional night stay.

Reaching home, we celebrated with grandpa. Cutting the cake and ate it. Her younger sister's husband want us to go to his house to have dinner. Since we are out of motorcycles (her mum and stepfather already went out on it). He has to take the bicycle back to his house to grab one. We took his bike while he borrowed another from my wife's aunt. (her aunt's bike has no license plate on it and its actually illegal to ride it) On the way, we found out that her aunt's bike is out of fuel. So we stopped by a plantation and waited for her sister's husband to go buy petrol. Finally reached his place around 3pm. It has a huge pond and her sister-in-laws are catching fish for us to eat. We place a straw mat on the ground just behind their new house (which is still under construction) and relax. The fish they cook has a lot of bones in it but nevertheless, very sweet and the texture is like cotton. The meal consists of rice, fish soup and grilled fish. The soup is nice with ginger and lemon grass as enhancer.

I was already having a bit of stomachache (due to the water we drank). So I only managed a little. After the meal, I feel heady and sick. It seems the water they used for the soup is not very clean as well. I went back home first while wife and baby stayed. Her sis husband dropped me off and I went straight to bed. At night, my condition worsen. I was having diarrhoea and fever. Her sister gave me some local herbal medicine and it seems to help.

Day 5
Woke up and still feel bad. We waited for the taxi to come to our house and said goodbye to all. Her grandpa looks a bit sad as we are leaving so soon. This time, we shared the taxi with 2 ladies and one of them has a 2 month old baby boy. Hehe.

The driver we had is a bit jialat. Not very helpful and dishonest. The two ladies seems to have overstayed by 1 day and he seems reluctant to ferry them back to Thachilek. Anyway, we went to the immigration to get my visa (which is held by them while I am supposed to stay at the hotel). Met 2 foreigners there and they were having problems with their permits. They have entered the country through Yangon but wants to leave at Thachilek into Maesai. The officers there are not very friendly and told them they can't do that as they do not have the proper papers. Anyway, my visa was returned to me without a fuss and we left KengTung.

This time, the 3 checkpoints gave more problems for us due to the 2 ladies on board. They were fined 500 kyats per head for each checkpoints. It took a longer time for us to reach Maesai (around 4.30pm) Wife grabbed a Sam Law (Tri-shaw) and load all the stuff onto it while I went to the immigration to get my passport. Maesai was full of people. Never seen such crowd before, I guess its the new year holidays that many Thais comes here to holiday.

I crossed over and took a motorcycle taxi home. That concludes the Myanmar trip.

Some great promising news.

Feel like taking a break from the long Myanmar post. Have it in draft but still need to go through the details. Anyway, there's some good news concerning my visa in Thailand. According to a guy in forum. It seems that he is able to return to Thailand using a Tourist visa issued by the embassy in KL, Malaysia. So I think I could just fly back to Singapore and go to the Thai embassy to apply for one.

This is really great news as it means I won't be forced to leave my wife and baby for 3 whole months before I could return. So I look forward to it and plan to return back to Thailand after Chinese New Year.

The soothsayer in Burma said I will have a good year in 2007. Seems like its coming true :)

Myanmar Trip Log - Day 2 and 3

Day 2

We woke up at 530am and washed up. Proceed to check out but the lady in charge is still sleeping! hehe.. no one is around and the gates are locked. I knocked and shouted at the front door of the office until the lady appeared and unlock the gates for us. We took off on the motorcycle.

The sky was still dark and its freezing cold! The sun was actually dawning and it gives an eerie overlook on the landscape. Wife and baby is still sleeping but woke up when they hear our bike approaching. Xinhui seems to enjoy the cold weather very much.

We dressed up nicer and walked to the temple. There were many children and there were playing at the front of the temple. I took a few photos while wife talked to her friends. Convoys of truck, bikes and tractors approach the temple at various timings. Often with loud gongs and cymbals (like our yew keng). Its the first day of the 7 day praying session and these people come from different villages around KengTung. They brought along blankets and food to set up their resting place in the temple. We are lucky as the temple is just next door. So we could just walk back to sleep. We spend most of the time looking around and greeting people. Wife is showing off our cute Xinhui to all her friends and distant relatives. There were many makeshift stalls infront of thr temple selling food and toys. We ate our breakfast (eggs and some fried kuay teow) there before heading home to rest a bit.

In the afternoon, the temperature is much more manageable at 28 degrees. Wife and baby headed back to bath while I join the procession to the river. Not much to see actually. Took some pictures and headed back to rest and have lunch.
Bloody hell, Nom Jing Bah Tu again. Sianz.

At night, the family were making Kao Put (rice and wheat hammered into a paste). Its an interesting process. Glutinous rice is steamed and put into a pound er, some black colour wheat like seeds are then thrown in and they start to bash the thingie up into a paste. Salt is added to add flavour but the seeds are the one that gives its distinctive taste and smell. (Very fragrant)

We took the finish product and cut then into small thin slices (like pancakes). Then before they eat it, they grilled it on charcoal. Makes it very crispy and taste fantastically good. Especially the salty ones. At night, we went to the temple and sat in front of our makeshift straw tent (which is for the monk to sleep). Grill Kow Put and drink hot tea. Quite enjoyable in the cold weather.

Day 3
Today its a big day as wife will pray today. So we took the offerings and went to the temple and they have these makeshift baskets that you put the offerings in them. Basically most of the offerings are candies and money (small changes). After that, we approached the abbot (i think lah) and donated some money. Then comes the procession. The monks will gather and the devotees will form a line, waiting for the monks to pass by to put money into their bowls. Quite a funny scene actually as people gathered and aggressively tried to reach the monk's bowl before they come in front of them. Just like our aunties here in Singapore, Kia Su..

Lunch time, we ate some food prepared by the temple. Taste really good and got meat leh!! Haha. I thought vegetarian for all but it seems only the monks need to be vegetarian.

In the early evening, we took her stepfather bike to his farm to have dinner. Her stepfather and mum went ahead earlier on bicycles to feed their pigs. They killed a chicken(they caught it by stunning it with a catapult!) and cooked soup with it. Wife and I went down to the market to change more money and on the way, grab some Coke and tidbits. They actually have home made potato chips!! Selling them in small little plastic bags. Cost is 50 Kyats (1.4baht) freaking cheap. We munched on the while we wait for the food to be ready. The chicken was delicious. At night, we went to the temple again and chatted a bit before heading back home to sleep.

Myanmar Trip Log - Day 1

As promised, it will be a long essay on Myanmar Keng Tung. You may wish to view part of the photos I taken on my wife's old Panasonic FX-1. I took 3 rolls of film on my SLR and its still at the labs. I will try to post them later once I convert them to digital.

Day 1
We left the house early at 830am on the Tuk tuk to the border. Both of us have to get out of the vehicle and crossed the immigration by foot. No problems on the Thailand side. Crossed the bridge and approached the immigration of Myanmar. Need 3 photos and 500baht for the trip (lucky I always have a bunch in my wallet) . It took some time as there were a lot of foreigners (French) trekkers trying to go in at the same time. I was waiting at the immigration for my car number before they could release me. So my wife and the Tuk tuk went to grab the car and driver and come back to the immigration to fetch me.

Finally, the car came and we are ready to go. We stop at the market to buy some fruits and change some money while the driver went to photocopy the documents we have. We drove out of town before we hit the first checkpoint. The thing about Myanmar is that they are control freaks. Due to the nature of military junta in control. Leaving a town in Myanmar, you need to report to the town immigration department before you could proceed. The driver told me and my wife that we should temporary not related to each other if the immigration people asked as they will create lots of problem for us(since she's a thai yai and I am a foreigner) First check point was smooth. Quite scary as the soldiers stationing there are carrying rifles and guns.

The road to KengTung from Maesai is about 300km (same as Chiang Mai) . The driver we took is actually someone my wife knew. He's from the same village as my wife. Another guy is with us. He's a young chap who is trying to grab a flight from Keng Tung to Yangoon. He is sitting in the front seat while wify, baby and I are at the back. Usually, the driver will only leave if there are 4 passengers but the young chap needs to rush, so he paid the extra head.

There were 3 checkpoints altogether. None of them gave us trouble and the journey was quite smooth. The driver drop off the young chap at the airport before we proceed to a hotel to checkin.

Wife already chose one for me that is near the village. Its called Harry's Trek House and its own by a former Burmese English teacher. The thing is, foreigners are NOT allowed to stay in any resident's house. They could only lodge in hotels as these hotels are taxed by the gahment. So normally, for foreigner who wish to stay at the locals, they pay the room and leave it empty for the night. (so long got money to the gahment lah). The lady at the hotel insist I stay for a night at the hotel on my first night, mainly for my safety and hers (they could get huge fines or license revoked if they found out). Its cost 400baht for the first night and 200baht for subsequent nights. I obliged the agreement and paid a deposit before we took off to her house.

Her village is known as Kad Tow. And from the Trek house to her place, its another 13km. Along the way, its all rice padi and farms. Quite scenic. We finally reached her place at 2pm plus. We washed up a bit and ate some food. They were cooking Kow Lam. We walked to the temple (just beside her house) and look around. She greeted some friends and neighbours.

In the evening, her mum made Kuay Teow or Kow Soi(Thai Yai) and we slurp up the noodles before I head out with her younger brother to the hotel. The night was chilling. I think got 10 degrees. Vapours are coming out from our mouth or nose when we breadth or speak. Much much colder than Maesai.

At 7pm, we reached the hotel. The room is quite cosy and has all the necessities. There is even hot water and TV! We watched a bit before we sleep at 9 plus. Need to wake up early tomorrow as they are tons if things to do.