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Another Camera to my list....

Hehe... Since mood not so good, so must use shopping therapy. Saw a bargain in clubsnap(local photography) forum and decided to grab one for myself.

Its a PnS Fuji Finepix 31 fd (face detection)

This little bugger is great as it has ISO 3200!!! High ISO means I could take shots at low light without flash most of the time. The noise level is also low. (That means its useable up to ISO 1600)

So far, this is the only compact PnS camera that has such good low light capabilities. And the size of the camera is quite small too. Which means this will displace my wife Panasonic Fx-1 as my main walk around camera.

Anyway, why is it a good deal?? $540 for the camera, a mini-tripod, screen protector, 2 batteries (1 3rd party spare free), and 2 I repeat 2, 1 Gig XD card. Xiao liao.... wife kill me liao... :P

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