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I am well. Physically, I mean. But I am a bit depressed while I am writing this. I have a friend who is a councillor and he did gave me some tips while I am feeling down. And that is to "Talk it out".

It has been a week away from my wife and girl, 3 more days and it will exceed the maximum 10 days I had been away from them. I have this similar feeling last time but as I knew I will be going home on the 10th day, the feeling is not as strong.

I know I am slinking into depression as all the symptoms are there. Tired, can't focus, sleep a lot but still feel weak and tired. Everything seems dull and boring. Nothing really interests me. Bad-tempered, easily angered for no apparent reason and etc etc..

But what suppose to make me happy is actually tearing me apart. The daily 15min or less video conference with my wife and baby. It was great when we chat and see each other, but once it stops, I feel empty. I could not, physically touch, feel and hug my wife and baby Xinhui. I can't describe the feeling but its actually quite horrible. I broke down yesterday after the video conference. In my room alone.
The video is suppose to make me happy but now it actually reinforces me that we are 1000kms apart.

But I guess I should be okay as I already acknowledged this problem. I bought the Justice League Season 1 DVD and start watching already. Feels a bit better.

No Comments for this post though as this is quite personal.. :) No worries, I will be alright. I experienced worst than this before and I swear nothing will happen to me as I still got a family that needs me.