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Engaging a politician?

There was an interesting article regarding prominent social commentary bloggers like Mr Wang, Alex Au, Xenoboy and others for not accepting an invitation to get a chance to speak to our ministers.

I kind of only agree half of what she is saying. Especially the part that Mr Wang gave a poor excuse for not going. My personal thoughts is what is the main purpose of accepting this invite? Is it just a chance to be on the TV? Or is it really a chance to meet a minister and hope we can get a straight forward dialogue? If that is so for the latter, why the need to go to the show? We could comment at George Yeo's blog and wait for an answer . Is it in anyway, different from being on a TV, conversing with a minister or giving feedbacks through their blogs? It just another way of communication. Direct face to face is much faster and responsive but I would prefer discussions in forum or blogs to have more time to digest the information and formulate a more researched reply. I think this is MY or many others preference. A person who writes very well may not be very articulate when facing a camera or a real person. Suay suay is Mr Wang is a lawyer (so this excuse cannot apply lor) haha.

Anyway, more and more people are aware of blog as a new medium of information and dialogue. Even our Prime Ministers and ministers are aware about it and understood its potential as a tool to communicate with the people. I do not really see a big deal in appearing on TV and speak to a minister is going to change our country (as what Gayle had mentioned). But still, we need to try and never stop expressing our views (through MSM, blogs/Internet, or meet the MP session) to our MIW. This is what I think I really agree with Gayle on. Don't just complain, get to meet them and talk to them. I think most of them are genuinely nice and will try to work things out.

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