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Fever and bombs.

Girl girl was very sick today :( . We took her to a clinic and her temperature was a shocking 40.3 degrees. The doctor immediately asked the nurse to give her an injection and a cold bath. It pains both of us seeing girl girl crying and screaming while the missy applied the cold bath on her. After the bath, her temp dropped till 38. Still high but at least it dropped. The doctor told us to monitor her and if her temperature increases again, she will need to be admitted to a hospital.

Now she is sleeping while I type this and her last reading is a normal 37. Still, we need to be with her and monitor her through the night. Now girl girl very angry with us for ignoring her when she is suffering her cold bath treatment. Can tell the trust between us has temporary broken. She don't allow anyone except mummy to carry her and she cries if mummy tries to adjust her and change her clothes.

Another thing is the bomb scarce here. Seems like the Bangkok blast is making everyone nervous here. There were rumours that there are bombs found at Big C (something like carrefour) in Chiang Rai and the Tesco Lotus shopping mall in Maesai is a target too. There are a lot of uncertainties as till this day, no one is sure who is responsible for the bombs. Still, there were news in the Net and media that witnesses see military personal dropped the bombs at the location. Might be a big conspiracy by the Thai military to use this as an excuse to keep them in power. Still, all these are speculations and hope the matters solves sooner as I will be travelling to Bangkok soon.


HH said...

Hope all is going well with Xinhui.
Its always dangerous for baby to hit with high fever.

I don't think there is any bombing outside Bangkok right?

Hope the situation will be better.

When you going to Bangkok?

FreeMan said...

How can u let ur baby temp go up till 43 degree? that super hot man!!! dont know how many brain cells get burn off liao!!! both of you need to rotate and monitor her closely, here in Singapore 40 degre is a sure hospitalise case.
Hope she will recover soon.

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Xinhui getting better but still a bit shock from the cold bath incident. Every time we change her clothes she will protest (think another cold bath treatment).

To Freeman, My mistake, 40.3 not 43 degree temp. hehe. Also, the thermometer they use here is those unreliable digital ones and they put under the armpit.. so not very accurate. Her skin feels hot but her head is not as hot. Even the doctor suggest it might be her clothing (she was fully wrapped up as we came in to consult him).

There's a lot of speculations that there are bombs in the north, typically the stronghold of TRT. Still, a lot of rumours are spread regarding the bombs outside BKK. Think some might be possible but not all.

I am actually going to BKK on 19th and flying back to Singapore on the 20th. :)

3:34 PM

Kai_Bros said...

any reason for the fever? is it due to teething? hope she will recover soon.

neobc said...

Is this the first time she's getting this kinda fever? hope by today, she's getter much better...