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Good and Bad News.

What a day! The good news is JL and MY got a smooth operation and they are now a happy family with 2 healthy babies. Check them out here! My congratulations to them. Seems like my bai bai got work... hahaha

The bad news is regarding my wife's status.. No go on her citizenship. We are suppose to meet up some "high ranking" officials at the local district office to convert her PR to a full thai citizen. But there are some last minute changes in the "deal". We feel its a scam and ignored the deal. (I don't want to talk too much about this issue as its not very politically correct of what we are doing).

Anyway, we are used to such dissapointments. So no worries. Just need more patience and wait for the day to come.

1 comment:

FreeMan said...

sorry to hear tat......and thank for the bai bai......hhahahah