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Home coming by myself.... again.

Tomorrow I will be flying back to Singapore. I was supposed leave today and stay a night in Bangkok to visit the Singapore Embassy before my departure. But due to the recent hostilities and demonstration outside the Singapore Embassy. I decided to cancel the trip. More over, I want to spend more time with my wife and baby. Will be missing them.

I am taking a morning internal flight from Chiang Rai to Bangkok and then have to wait till 4pm before my flight to Singapore. Normally I take Tiger Airways from Chiang Mai but due to this little saga, I decided not to support them with my money :P. Even it means more troublesome for me. (Price wise is about the same)

Anyway, i will be armed with my Mac Book Pro and some divx movies (mostly TV series). So just need to find a spot with an electric outlet and the wait won't be that long.

At the time I am writing this, I am having Pizza again. I am also installing a gate and extending the roof at the back of my house. This will convert the long alley at the back of my house into a store room. Price of the whole project is 26,500 baht. (1000++ SGD). I don't think they could finish on time, so I guess I will get to see the results only when I am back.

I still eagerly hope for the day to come when my wife and baby is able to join me on the trip back to Singapore. Else, it will be just another boring routine.

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