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I am SAVED from boredom!

Its 12 noon here in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and it has free wifi access!!! Yeah! My flight to Singapore is at 16.45pm... still got 5 more hours. But with Internet, time will fly much faster for me.

Initial impression of the new airport is that its big but still, a bit too crowded. The design is quite similar to Changi actually and I did noticed some parts of the building are still not painted yet. Lots of shops (too many I think) and not enough chairs. Overall ok lah.

Anyway, just now make my first video call to wife and girl girl using Skype. All is well, girl girl looks happy seeing me on the screen though. Haha.. have to really get used to the fact that I can't physcially touch or carry her. Some Thais behind me saw me doing the video call and were a bit impressed by my techno wizadry.. hehehe..There were like open mouth and discussing how I was able to do that and also smiled when they see girl girl..

Anyway, plan to read up a bit more before loading the movies I intend to watch. :P

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