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Interesting observation about our "purchased" flats.

Nothing to do while waiting for my plane so was in Sammyboy Coffee Shop Forum, stumbled upon this thread and kind of agree with the OP. Is the HDB flat really belongs to you?? 99 years lease is just a smokescreen. You don't actually own the land which you resides on. And when there is a force sale (due to old properties), our law only needs 85% of the tennants to approve the sale and you will be forced to sell and move. Compared to Thailand and most other countries, we actually purchase the land. Not the house. And the best thing is I can pass the house generations after generations. (The value will be there) What about our HDB flat?? I'm really not too sure. So for example, if the 99 year lease is up, do your children get a refund?? And if so, is it the same sum as you paid for it or more or less? No one really address this issue before.

I know our land space is limited but the pricing of HDB is no longer as attractive as it used to be. Moreover, the new HDBs has all sorts of unneccessary landscapings and decorations that is forced upon the purchaser. Whatever happened to the old HDB?

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