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Myanmar Trip Log Day 4 and 5

Day 4

We are supposed to return to Thailand today but as its her grandpa's birthday, we decided to spend one more day to celebrate for the old man. My wife wants to buy a cake and look for some scarfs to bring back to Maesai to sell. She convinced me that the scarfs will earn back our taxi fares to Keng Tung. Reluctantly, we and her mum set off on a Tuk tuk to the big market in Keng Tung. Its huge!! Just like Chatuchat in Bangkok. Selling all sorts of stuff in one big area. We tried looking for the scarfs but it seems its all sold out. Think some guy already got the same plan and bought the whole lot. We shopped around and bought the cake and some baby clothes. We then head back home and on the way, stopped at the hotel to pay for my additional night stay.

Reaching home, we celebrated with grandpa. Cutting the cake and ate it. Her younger sister's husband want us to go to his house to have dinner. Since we are out of motorcycles (her mum and stepfather already went out on it). He has to take the bicycle back to his house to grab one. We took his bike while he borrowed another from my wife's aunt. (her aunt's bike has no license plate on it and its actually illegal to ride it) On the way, we found out that her aunt's bike is out of fuel. So we stopped by a plantation and waited for her sister's husband to go buy petrol. Finally reached his place around 3pm. It has a huge pond and her sister-in-laws are catching fish for us to eat. We place a straw mat on the ground just behind their new house (which is still under construction) and relax. The fish they cook has a lot of bones in it but nevertheless, very sweet and the texture is like cotton. The meal consists of rice, fish soup and grilled fish. The soup is nice with ginger and lemon grass as enhancer.

I was already having a bit of stomachache (due to the water we drank). So I only managed a little. After the meal, I feel heady and sick. It seems the water they used for the soup is not very clean as well. I went back home first while wife and baby stayed. Her sis husband dropped me off and I went straight to bed. At night, my condition worsen. I was having diarrhoea and fever. Her sister gave me some local herbal medicine and it seems to help.

Day 5
Woke up and still feel bad. We waited for the taxi to come to our house and said goodbye to all. Her grandpa looks a bit sad as we are leaving so soon. This time, we shared the taxi with 2 ladies and one of them has a 2 month old baby boy. Hehe.

The driver we had is a bit jialat. Not very helpful and dishonest. The two ladies seems to have overstayed by 1 day and he seems reluctant to ferry them back to Thachilek. Anyway, we went to the immigration to get my visa (which is held by them while I am supposed to stay at the hotel). Met 2 foreigners there and they were having problems with their permits. They have entered the country through Yangon but wants to leave at Thachilek into Maesai. The officers there are not very friendly and told them they can't do that as they do not have the proper papers. Anyway, my visa was returned to me without a fuss and we left KengTung.

This time, the 3 checkpoints gave more problems for us due to the 2 ladies on board. They were fined 500 kyats per head for each checkpoints. It took a longer time for us to reach Maesai (around 4.30pm) Wife grabbed a Sam Law (Tri-shaw) and load all the stuff onto it while I went to the immigration to get my passport. Maesai was full of people. Never seen such crowd before, I guess its the new year holidays that many Thais comes here to holiday.

I crossed over and took a motorcycle taxi home. That concludes the Myanmar trip.

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