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On Public Transport

Before even my return, my cousin and some friends told me that our public transport (especially the buses) has gone from bad to worst.

I tried very very hard to psycho myself that this is not true, but after 12 days of Singapore self proclaimed "World Class" Transport. I have to admit that the above statement is none other than absolutely true. To put it bluntly, it has gone from bad to WTF. Sorry for the expletives but here's an observation of the pass 12 days.

Day 1 20 Jan - Bus 36 from Changi to Home. Waited 30min for the bus to arrive. Stopped at T2 for another 10min.

Day 2 21 Jan - Bus 48 from Home to Bugis. Waited 17min for bus to arrive. Driver drives very SLOWWWWW all the way from home to ECP.

Day 4 23 Jan - From Home to Bugis. While waiting, Bus 197, doing more than 60km/h zoom pass my busstop. Aren't they trained to slow down at bus stops?

Day 7 26 Jan - From House to Orchard via 36. Bus is very dirty with tissue papers and advertisement (those hanging on the hand rails one) on the floor.

DAy 8 27 Jan - From Orchard to Ngee Ann Poly. Waited 28 min for bus. At night, from Toa Payoh to Home. Bus waited 10mins. Was empty all the way until hit Parkway at 9.30 plus. Single deck bus was so packed that I have to crawl my way out.

Day 10 29 Jan - Took a train from Bedok to AMK. At bedok, waited 9min (missed the early one). Train comes quite packed. At Cityhall, train also packed. Time is around 11pm. Off peak should not be that packed right?? Last time still got seats, now cannot even find a good place to stand.
From Funan to Bugis. Bus 12 I think. Mobile TV one operating one down.
From Bugis to Home. Bus 48. Crowded bus at 5pm. Now people got early release? hehe

Day 11 30 Jan - From Suntec (carrefour) bus 36 to Orchard Road. Again, bus quite dirty. Same issues with the hanging advertisements.
Took 16 from Orchard to home late at night after dinner. The bus got a very loud and irritating screeching sound whenever it moves.

Day 12 31 Jan - Home to Orchard bus 36. Got funny smell on the bus. Smells like rotten fish.

PS The rest of the days not in the list is because I did not take any buses

And the same jokers still dare to increase the fares last year while their profits goes up! Err... Got Logic?? Someone should fire the PTC and replace the chairman. I could make a good candidate for PTC.. hahaha


HH said...

"World Class" = Profit generating.

A nice chrono of your experience on bus taking in Singapore.

Also please remeber PTC also gahment link lah. So all we can do is hopefully the situation will not go from WORST to WTFF?


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA.... Next time.. they may spend $$$$ to change there comapany name.. (err sound like... happen before woooo, marina bay?)... then I SURE will propose to this bunch of so call "world class" Transport--> WTF . By the way... do they take bus?!?!?!!##%^!@#&@!#$!^#$&^%#&!^#%&