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Xinhui has recovered and my wife's mum came yesterday. This means I got my own free time to complete my berge panzer model. Its a WWII German BergePanzer.

This tank is famous as it was suppose to be a contender for the Tiger tank. (Porche's submission for the Tiger). Eventually it failed and was converted to a tank recovery vehicle (thus the chain and rack). You may find more info about the tank here. The kit allows you to build either an early or late production of the model. I chose the early production model as the late production involves applying zimmerit and I feel lazy doing it :P.

Anyway here's the result. I mades some mistakes when spraying the green camo.. but its minor and managed to cover them up.

You cab click on the images to see a bigger and more detail picture.


HH said...

Hey whats your daily activities like in Thailand?

Look like quite free leh.

PS whats your plan for the trip back to Singapore?

lawcs said...

i think fatboy semi retired in thailand liao .. dont have to work like us back in singapore.