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Tuesday night I had a server stomach cramp. Can barely breadth and couldn't sleep at all. The cramp is not exactly painful but very irritating and feels like muscle ache pain. Tried standing, squatting and other various positions but nothing helps. Mum got worried and we took a cab to A&E at SGH.

The nurse saw me sweating and immediately pushed me into the check-up room. Nurses measured my blood pressure and did an ECG on me. Luckily not heart attack. Later doctor diagnosis is gastritis. Forced me to drink some white liquid and gave me a drip. Took my blood (bloody hell) 3 times! First time needle cannot find my vein. Pulled out. Stick another. Drew some but not enough for testing(Na ma). 3rd time then managed to grab the sample. Sians (last time in army oso like dat)

Tried resting on the bed but the cramp got worst. Called the doctor for help and finally gave me a big injection that actually helps reducing the cramp. Later took an X-ray and results of blood test show some minor infection. So can discharge liao. Gave me an appointment on 13 April 2007 (so long) to see a specialist. Took a cab home and only managed to go to sleep at 9am.

Now still resting at home. Hopefully can recover soon.

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neobc said...

wah zang, how did the gastristis come about? your diet? or happen to miss meals?

saw u at training last now, seemingly tired..maybe from the medication or the recovery of this..

take good care, bro!