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Some great promising news.

Feel like taking a break from the long Myanmar post. Have it in draft but still need to go through the details. Anyway, there's some good news concerning my visa in Thailand. According to a guy in forum. It seems that he is able to return to Thailand using a Tourist visa issued by the embassy in KL, Malaysia. So I think I could just fly back to Singapore and go to the Thai embassy to apply for one.

This is really great news as it means I won't be forced to leave my wife and baby for 3 whole months before I could return. So I look forward to it and plan to return back to Thailand after Chinese New Year.

The soothsayer in Burma said I will have a good year in 2007. Seems like its coming true :)

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HH said...

Look like fatboi will be around during CNY. Goodies can start planning the New Year Lion Dance schedule to include you.