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This is going to be cool...

I am working on a new model and so far, here's the result

The reason for all the excitement is that so far, I have made no mistakes on this project! hehehe. I think I can achieve better results here than in Singapore due to the more relax pace in building. In Singapore, I tend to rush as my room does not have enough space for all my half built models or unfinished paint. Going to be a 3 colour camouflage pattern. So now the base is done. For those intrested, the technique I am using is called pre-shading. A Red-Black (brownish) coat is applied as base. Then I spray the desert yellow (lightest colour) of the 3 camouflage as base. Next in line will be green followed by brown the last. Do note that i did not cover the edges so as to make the model more 3D.

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