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Tomorrow is a big day.

Tomorrow, 17 Jan 2007 is a big day. First, my friend JL is going to have twins. Operation is set at 12 noon. Two boys at one go! All the best to JL and MY. My wife and I already Bai Bai for your family. Everything will be as smooth as silk.

Its also going to be a big day for me in Maesai. Something great and promising is happening here. Things are suddenly moving so fast that I thought I am in a dream. Theoratically, if tomorrow's meeting is successful... all my problems here in Thailand will be more or less solved! Both my wife and I are still pinching and punching each other to see we are dreaming anot.

17 Jan 2007 is also one day short of Xinhui going into her 8 month. Time really flies when you have a baby or children. She was so fragile just a few months ago and now starts to display traits of a human being. She really enjoys exploring new stuff and likes to put everything she grabs in her mouth (my mum said I have this personality too when I was a baby... hehe). Today, we saw her, for the first time, able to change from proning position to sitting position, all by herself without our help. Wife and I was so proud of her.

Anyway, there will be an entry tomorrow. Definitely. Its just whether its good news or bad news.

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HH said...

You having meeting with the gov?
So whats the lastest update not?