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Touch down...

I arrived yesterday at around 820pm at Changi airport. Took a bus home in our "world class transport" (waited for bloody 20mins plus before it arrived.)

During my waiting time, I SMS to some friends, telling them I'm back and immediately, I was bombarded by messages... hahah .. big mistake for mass messaging. Anyway, I spend the day today at home just sleeping. Called wife and girl twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. After dinner, I went to Parkway to take a walk. A bit not used to the crowded shopping centre.

On the way back, I was thinking about this blog... I am now, not currently in Maesai, should I continue to write or just wait for my return? Since this blog is more about my experiences in Thailand. I was actually thinking of taking a sabbatical for this blog and work on some personal project. However, I think its still possible to write some articles regarding the changes in Singapore that I observe. 5 months absence may not be that long but still, I do feel they might be some changes that I could pen down.


HH said...

Already asked you to take a cab back. The bloody Bus Services had gone from worst to "WTF".

World class standard refer to profitable which equate to more cash for taxes.

Who care about peasant taking buses in Singapore!?

Anyway welcome back.

A suggestion for your blog while you are in Singapore.

"A Singaporean[Quitter] in Maesai back home for holiday"

neobc said...

Welcome back, bro... :)

Share more of your daily experiences and observations with us over here.