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A typical day in Thailand.

Saw javert's query on what is my typical lifestyle in Maesai and realised I have not write one yet. I don't have a fixed schedule. (I hate fixing them) So this is just a brief guide on what I normally do.

On a typical day when I am not working, I usually wake up at around 7am (sometimes earlier if baby wakes up) . Normally I would look after the baby a bit as my wife always have to wake up in the night to feed baby or take her to pee. If baby is still sleeping, I will do some chores like laundry (just dump the clothes into washing machine lor). Let the dog out for her bombardment. Sweep the ground (leaves) around my house and garden. Then proceed to boil some water and cook some breakfast (normally just toast but sometimes got bacon and eggs). If not, take the bike out and go buy breakfast from the market.

In the afternoon(before lunch), I will turn up the computer and surf. Read some news and blogs. Do some research and read up on latest technologies or stuff related to computers. I could spend a lot of time in front of the computer if something grabs my attention. If not, normally will play with baby with her toys and sometimes we go out for lunch or visit some friends of my wife. For lunch, normally we buy or Ta Pao if only 2 of us eating. If her mum or some friends or relatives around, we will cook. Lunch time is a hassle as normally, Xinhui not very happy if both of us eat together, so normally I eat fast fast and then wife eat. Lunch time is also the time I feed my dog and play with her a bit. When baby naps, I will work on my tank models or watch some Sat TV. Sometimes, all 3 of us nap together ... hehe

In the early evening (around 4 to 5pm), most of the time we go to the market to buy food or groceries for dinner. Normally we cook but sometimes lazy just go to a restaurant or food stall and eat.

After dinner, normally I will wash the dishes while wife handles baby. I might mop the floor if its dirty and start water the garden. At around 7pm, normally I will let my dog out again to play with other dogs (our neighbor got 12 of them). And sometimes, we go for a little walk with baby.

Around 8pm, wife will be watching TV while I will work again on my tank models or surf the net.
We usually sleep at around 9 to 10 pm but recently, I slept quite late(sometimes as late as 1am) as got Broadband at home liao.... hehe

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