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Back for good.

I reached Maesai at around 2pm BKK time (3pm in Singapore). Xinhui saw me and my mum and starts to cry. Seems like she is a bit angry with me. Keep looking at me but not very happy. After 2 hours of constant cajooling and funny faces, she finally forgives me for not being with her for a month and starts to cling on me. hehe.

Just hooked up the wireless router and its working fantastically. I get excellent signal even in the garden. More later.

Carl's Jr Burger

I am suppose to write this last night but was very tried and managed to complete the NSP post. So have to delay this last piece of food recommendation in Singapore before flying off at 6am. I heard about the Carl's Jr burger chain setting up in Singapore and decided to give it a try before I leave. They don't have good burgers in Maesai yet and the nearest Mac or BK is in Chiang Mai. Anyway, friend ordered a Western Double burger while I get the Super Star. We took the combo set which includes a side and free flow drink.

The burger is quite huge in Aisan standard. Not bad but the price tag is a bit high. Sad to say the burgers tasted much like BK's burger. My Super Star basically is a Double Whopper with Cheese while my friend's Western is basically a Extra large Double Bacon. The burgers are so so. Meat not as fresh as the Super Burger I tried at Vivo so have to give a 2.7 stars out of 5. Suppose to be 3 but the price a bit high.

The sides are interesting though. The combo is suppose to give a normal fires but you could top up a few cents for something different. I chose Criscross fries which tasted quite good while my friend took the onion rings. I highly recommend the onion rings which are really made of real onions (unlike the BK's onion flour rings). 4 out of 5 for the rings alone. The free flow drinks are interesting too. Besides the usual fare of soft drinks. They serve non- sugar ice tea which you could add syrup and lemon slices on your own. Which is really a fantastic idea. I like Teo-O kosong peng and thats what I get.

After finishing our meal then we realised that there is a smaller verison for every burger, na ma.. Overeat liao. So we actually paid extra for an additional piece of meat. Moreover, they were introducing a mushroom burger which looks mightly interesting but we have no more stomach room for it... maybe someone can try that and post its findings.

Overall feeling of Carl's Jr is like an upgraded and more expensive BK. I do like its idea of the free flow drinks and its onion rings. But still, nothing exceptionally special. Overall 3.5 out of 5 stars. Will eat again but not too soon. REALLY quite heavy meal and not recommended for those consious about their weight.

NSP monsters.

Actually the kids at NSP are not so jialat lah, just want to make the title sounds interesting. :P Anyway, this morning woke up at 7am and proceeded to North Spring Primary. Reached there at 845am. Went to the stall and waited. First to arrive was YH and Kenny. Starts to ask many questions. How come kids nowaday so Lo So (longwinded)? Last time I am curious but not so vocal leh. Maybe overexicited with the trip??
The teacher in charge came on the spot at 9am. Starts to take the consent form and she is also clueless on the event. All we know is that we are to do a simple performance at MICA.
After changing, we proceeded to the carpark to wait for the bus. It was here already but the kids start to complain they have not taken their breakfast. Na Ma, teacher already told them to go and eat after they changed but they BLL at the store for no reason. In the end, the teacher gave them 5 mins to buy something to ta pao. Most of the kids got no money, so the teacher still have to lent them money (poor poor teacher). Anyway, Eugene shocked everyone by pulling out a $10 note and lend it to Ivan and the rest. Most of them bought a packet of Milo and we boarded the bus.
Reaching MICA (at hillstreet), we have to stop by the main road and disembark. After talking to the person in charge of the event. We are to perform a short welcome for the VIP which was the Minister of Information, Communications and Arts Dr Lim Boon Yang. Wah!! Big shot! All the teachers a bit kan chiong already. Keep asking me wether the kids can make it anot. Duh...
Another funny thing is that they want a small flag as a token of appreciation for the VIP. They thought we are bringing while BC and I thought they are providing! Sheesh, so in the end, we settled with Kum (Mandrain Oranges). Haha.
After some practice, which ends at 11am. We are free till 1230pm. Bloody hell, same joke again for those bloody kiasu middle management people. Want us to BLL for 1 and a half hour. The kids starts to misbehave. YH say he is hungry, so teacher managed to get him a sandwhich. Ivan heard about it and complain to me he is hungry oso... jialat...mutiny liao. Managed to convince them that there is a buffet after the performance, so managed to keep them in control. Thats when YH and Davin starts to make Ivan cry for making fun of him... saying he is oggling at the Chinese Dance dancers (also from NSP). Jia lat.. teacher then scolded the boys and they apologised to Ivan (not too sincerely of course). The teacher then brought the boys to the waiting room for sandwhiches and water. Finally the performance started quite on time at 12.35pm. The audience and Dr Lim seems a bit shocked at the short display.. hahaha. Especially when we exited, Davin was like sprinting 100m in the lion suite. After a short while, they called us for the buffet. Riot again! The kids can really eat. Most of them ate 3 rounds. Even little YH ate 2 big rounds and went for more snacks later. Wat lau... A bit paiseh when all the aunties look at the kids munch at their food. After the lunch, we went back to the holding area to get our goodies bag. Not bad lag, got 2 kam, a red packet and a stack of postcards. The red packet contains a peice of paper with a Chun Lian on it. And a chocolate golden coin. Have to surrender to the kids. Just ate so much and they can still munch the chocolate. And it was YH who started it!!
On the way back on the bus, some even started to peel and munch on the Kam! Wat lau, really like eating monsters man. Overall quite a fun trip but a bit tiring for just one person to control the kids. BC really have to look for more helpers for these out of school trips.

Two more days!

Just 2 more days and I will get to see my wife and baby girl. Yeah! Yesterday went for another Lion Dance outing with NAAPL. Not as fun as the first day. Think I am a bit burnt out from all the other outings and gatherings. Today also another busy day. Morning went to a friend's house to Bai Nian. Then afternoon went for a photo shoot at Pulau Ubin. Now just reached home and totally shacked out.

Tommorrow still need to go to NSP in the morning to oversee the kids in their performance. Afternoon need to go to the bank and take out some money to exchange Thai baht. Evening got dinner with a friend.

Fully packed liao......

It's Here!!

Ordered this for sometime. Finally arrived yesterday from Australia. 4 disc set filled with 38 episodes. Finish Disc 1 just now, shiok man. Those from my era will definitely know about M.A.S.K and Transformers.

Animation was surprisingly good for a 1985 productions (more than 20 years!!). Check out wikipedia and found out its animated by the Japanese (no wonder I see all the shadings and the facial expressions). And the music, what great tunes man. hehe

Still got collection 2 which consists of the rest of the episode but not released yet. :P

My CNY Favourites

Just want to share my CNY NAAPL activity photos with my other friends that read my blog. Here 's a list of my favorites. Do click on the images to get a bigger version.

Wild and Stone look Series 1

Wild and Stone Look Series 2

The Chicken Wing Buddies

The Chicken Wing Buddies Imitators. (With Veggies)

Tart, Cake and Fist

Hunger for the BIG Ong Lai (Pineapple)

Boy... The day will be more complete if guys and gals like AK, MY (kena grounded) , HK (in Australia) and others are around. All the black man concept and poses and singing and talking cock. Anyway.. Thanks again to all the brudders and sisters that day for such a fun fun day. Looking forward for this Sat. :P

Great Fun Day.

Every year, its business as usual for participating in Chinese New Year 菜青 "Pluck Green" activity with my pals at NAAPL.

Not sure why, but this year really enjoy myself. Maybe its been some time I have been doing it or maybe its the crowd. For the first time in pass few years, we had 18 people (old and new faces) gathered to go out and have fun on a big lorry. Making lots of sound on the way and posing in silly poses for the cameras. Feel free to look at the photos this year. Every year sure got surprises.

Do wait for the videos too. I managed to finish the photos, but still very shack from the cycling and yesterday's gathering. Still got one more coming Chu Si on the 24th leh.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!For those who read this. No lah, I did not run 24 klicks lah. Not so hiong. Instead, I cycled 24km total today (can be more though).

I first heard about the park connectors from a good friend which I often cycled together. Today, my photography friends organised a BBQ and Pasir Ris UDMC chalet at Pasir Ris Park. I heard about the park connector from East Coast Park to Pasir Ris Park is completed, so I decided to try it out. Here's how it goes..

The start of Siglap Park Connector is very near my house, just next to Victoria JC. It ran along the canal and towards Kembangan MRT. From there, have to make a little detour and continue down the canal before reaching the PIE. Here, you will encounter the first overhead bridge (total of 3).

The first bridge got slope, so I can slowly cycle up or push the bike up. Crossing the bridge, I will continue along the path beisde the PIE towards Bedok North Town Park. At the end of Siglap Park Connector is another overhead bridge.

The second overhead bridge is a conventional one (no slope). Jialat. Have to really dismount and carry your bike up. But some genius make two ramps on the side of the stairs, so you could push your bike up easily. Going down is another story, carry your bike is safer as the ramp is a bit steep. Cross the bridge and you will hit Bedok Toen Park.

Once hit Bedok Town Park, just continue straight on till the end and turn left at Bedok North Ave 3. Continue down and you will hit Bedok Reservoir Park. Turn right and cycle along the pavement until you see the Tampines Park connector entrance at the end of the park.

Here, you will follow the cycle path to Tampines Ave 1 and cross over the junction and continue down to Tampines Avenue 2. Once you hit the MRT tracks, turn left again and follow the cycle tracks towards Tampines MRT station. Turn right and continue down via Tampines Ave 4. At the next junction, turn left again into Tampines Ave 7 and you will hit Sunplaza Park.

In the park, follow the MRT tracks (cycle tacks below) Tampines Ave 9. Turn right after the junction and follow the cycle tracks beside the canal. This will continue towards TPE.

Another overhead bridge (the last one) awaits at TPE. This one is the infamous one that used to have pillars at the bottom of the slope (got one old man got paralysed after running into them on his bike) Now the pillars are removed. After crossing the bridge, prepare to turn left and continue the path. You need to cross the first bridge(walkway) you encounter to continue on the track. Once acrossed, continue to follow the cycle tracks towards Pasir Ris Park.

The total journey took me 1hour and 15mins at a leisure pace. Return trip is a bit faster as it seems to have more down slope. I really really enjoy the track. I only need to get down my bike at the second bridge and I never need to go into the road, so its very safe for new cyclist.

I think this is one big improvement I see in Singapore. Whoever thought of the Park Connectors concept should get a raise or commendation for such a good job. The tracks have some nice features too. They have already marked the distance and where to turn (at major points) on the ground with white paint. And all the tracks have sufficient lights. So its really pretty safe if you ride slow and steady. Some parts of the tracks have pedestrain(around Tampines) or carpack entrance (around Kembangan) and they put sufficient signs and bumpers to slow you down to watch out for pedestrains or cars. Very nice. The only complain is the sign board which is brown in colour. Might be hard to spot when you cycle at night.

The good news is more to come. It seems from the Npark website. They plan to connect all the parks in Singapore with these park connectors!! Next time I can actually cycle to Senkang or even Woodlands via these connectors!! Whohoo.. Can't wait for that day to happen.

For those interested about this route. Check out a map here and here.

Memory Pillow

As soon as I came back from Thailand. I get severe migraines whenever I sleep on my bed. My pillow is too soft. They are, of course very old already so my mum told me (actually more like scolded) to get a new one. Was shopping around Bugis area when I saw this pillow on offer at OG. Its actually a branded memory pillow. Quite interesting as I had seen them before and they are very expensive. The original one cost $300 for just a pillow. This one is not as good but feels almost the same. Price before discount is $99.90. After discount was $45. Very tempting so bought one.

It actually came in a box (should have for a $45 pillow!) and on it, it states its a NASA space technology foam and it actually moulds with the body. Went home and tried it for a night and have to say its really quite good. Not as firm as the original but good enough. (you get what you pay for). Still thinking whether I should carry it back to Thailand with me. :P Think wify will snatch it from me if I do so, maybe should buy one more.....

Interesting encounter.

Think CNY mood is coming. I am not writing as often but actually, there are a lot of interesting things that I had encountered. Here's one of them

Two days ago, I was taking bus 48 to Bugis again. On boarding the bus, I saw a lady with a baby in her hands. She was just sitting beside the door. What attracts me most is her baby trolley. Its already folded but its really really freaking HUGE. And the folded trolley was right in the middle of the passage way. Blocking the path to the rear of the bus (which was totally empty). The rest of the passengers decided to sit in front but I proceeded on and asked nicely if I could move in. She complied and I tried shifting the trolley. Boy, its heavy but I managed to squeeze through. Another gentleman behind did the same also. Few stops later, more people boarded and the same gentleman behind me managed to shift the trolley into a position that there is a little gap for people to pass through. At parkway, the lady with the baby disembarked while the same gentleman helped her carry the trolley down. The trolley was so huge that he could not exit from the back and have to move all the way to the front to get out.

This incident kinds of makes me thing. The lady is a FT I guess, no sane Singaporean will use such a monster trolley here. If there is one that does so, they would take a cab. This also points a good question. Why is the lady taking a bus??? From the way she taps her EZlink card, I could say she is not new to taking buses. So she SHOULD know that her monster trolley does not fit the common public buses here. Another thing is she should have moved all the way to the back, instead of sitting beside the exit door. Thus blocking everyone and its very inconsiderate for her to do so.

Anyway, like to express that I was very happy to see the gentleman behind me helping her all through the journey, its very very nice of him to do that. I'm not sure I have the patience to be like him. Sure, I got a baby too and I find it inconvenience too in certain situation, but I tend to plan ahead of not creating potential problems for the public as a public space belongs to everyone, not just you. :)

More FOOD!!

Promised a friend to write more about food here in Singapore. He already tried the Charcoal Fry Prawn Noodle and loved it. :P So today, I went down to Chinatown to develop some photos. While waiting for the prints, I cross over to the market beside Chinatown point and went upstairs to look for one of my fav western food stall. Hey! Its still there! Here's the image of the food store.

Their specialty is actually their pasta, especially those with seafood one. But I used to order the pork chop which is quite nice too. I ordered the Spaghetti Vongole (white clams in wine sauce). Its really quite good for the price $4.50 for a plate. The taste is something like Pastamania but at half the price. Feel free to ask for more Parmesan cheese at no extra cost. The pork chop is nice too. They sliced it thin and the meat is tender. Not like what the other stalls are doing. I did not order the pork chop as I was still a bit full.

I would give 3.5 out of 5 stars for the spaghetti.

I really like Chinese New Year period as my mum will start to bake new year goodies :P Yum yum. Her best is still Pineapple tarts. No fight as she has been doing it for years and perfected the art. Nothing I eat outside compares a fraction to hers. I am NOT joking. You can only get to taste them if you visit my house(NOT for SALE. PRICELESS!). But I already reserved my lot... hahaha . And this is also the main reason I started jogging again. My weight sure increase 2 kilos if I stuff myself with my mum's pastries and do nothing about it.

Stars? hehe.. * out of 5. No way to rate as much much over the 5 rating. :P

Nearly Died.

Actually not that 夸张 (overeacted)lah. Just came back from my jog. Today managed to complete 5km. The same old route I used to jog, from VJC outer perimeter to the park connectors that leads to Kembangan MRT and then back again. Should be more than 5 klicks. Very nice feeling after the run although the process was really shiong. Bear in mind the last time I ran is 8 months ago.

I am a bit surprised that I still have the stamina to go through 5km. But I do feel my legs are weaker. Still got breadth after the run (can actually continue) but my legs are a bit sore.

Next target is my usual 10km run. That is from Kembangan to Bedok MRT station and then from Bedok South Road to Bayshore and back again to my house. :P

SG Fight Club!!

Saw this at HWZ Forum. Ugly Singaporeans...

Here's the description of the video
"Singapore Fight of the Generation Old brute vs young punk.
Happened at on bus 23 at a bus stop outside Sim Lim Square, 10 Feb 2007, ... all » 2.30pm.
There must be some pushing and shoving inside the bus, just before the bus stopped.
Then there was an exchange of vulgarities and hand gestures before the young guy got off the bus.
The old guy then continued taunting the young guy.
The bus driver closed the back door after the young guy got off, but he pressed the emergency button located outside the door to open it."

Mad man and Kids.

Saturday morning is my NAAPL activity at North Spring Primary. I was once an instrcutor for the kids there before I left for Thailand. It has been 9 months or more since I have last seen them. So I was actually quite eager to return to see how they have progress.

I took bus 55 towards Hougang and then I noticed a Hyundai Getz in front of us at a bustop. Its very wierd as the driver was alone and he was sticking his right arm out of his window and waving something. I looked carefully and see its actually Singapore cash notes. There were a $50, $10, $5 and a $2 dollar note in his hand and he was waving it. I tried looking around to see who he is waving to. But the bus driver took off from the stop and got no chance to see what's going on. At the next stop, suddenly I saw the Getz drove pass us and stopped in front of us again! And he was all along waving the cash while driving and stopping. Huh??!! Whats going on man. Seems like a mad man in a vehicle. The Getz continued to do this for 5 to 6 bus stops and I looked at my bus captain's (driver lah) expression. He seems to be puzzled by this commotion too. So at the 6th stop, he slowed down and let 2 other buses overtake him. Whoo hoo.. Although we are two buses away, I still see the Getz stopping at every stop and doing the same thing. He even stopped at the junction and wave the money angrily at no one. Wierd man.

Talking about Kids, the boys and NSP have really grown. haha. Most of them as tall as me. As for the newcomers, all fresh face and eager to learn. Today a bit unlucky as someone has misplaced the store keys. Thus, we took the whole day training Wu Shu (Chinese Martial Arts). The kids are not too happy with the decision and was a bit slack. Still its great to be back for a while.

Food Fest.

Since I have not came back to Singapore for quite sometime. I already planned to have a day or two food fest for my own indulgence. hehe. Since today my mum is busy with shopping and making new year pastries, I decided its a good time to proceed with my plan.

In the afternoon. I went down to Katong Shopping Centre Food Court(at the basement) to have a bowl of Yong Tau Fu. Its the one at the corner of the food court. The fish soup and chicken rice beside it are great too. So is the western. But today I really want to eat the Yong Tau Fu as Maesai doesn't have it. The choices available are plenty. If you are there, try the fried Tau Kua and the Chili Yong Tau Fu. Very fresh and they fry the Tau Fu or other fried items again before serving you. Thus, very crispy. Price is a bit high but its very very good. Even better than the Ampang Yong Tau Fu. Another good reason to try is the sweet sauce and chili sauce. Their sweet sauce got put sesame seed in it and its purple in colour (traditional). So hard to find them these days.

My ratings 3.8 out of 5 stars

In the evening, meet up with my food buddy to eat Hokkien Mee at Geylang Lor 21A. This one special as its fried with charcoal. Long waiting time but definitely worth the wait. The noodle is not too wet and dry. Just nice and the taste is magnificent due to pork lard and the soup base. The prawns and sotong are very fresh too. I am happy with it but my buddy did mentioned the chili is not as powderful

Ratings 4 out of 5 stars

After our meal, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood at Geylang. Lots of interesting "sights". hehe. So after some walking to aid digestion. We went for supper at Lor 8 Mongkok Dim Sum. Its located at the corner of the street. They are famous for its Siew Mai and Har Kao. Most of the items are $3.00 but the quality and taste is there. I have been to HK to eat and this place offer quite authentic HK style Dim Sum. The Scallop Soup Dumpling is also quite nice. Good place to sit, relax, eat and chit chat. Not to mention sight seeing. hehe.

No pictures as too busy eating and sight seeing. Ratings is also 4 out of 5 stars

Spring Cleaning and Exercising

Today spent the day with mum spring cleaning. Mr room's walls seriously needed a re coat of paint (got mold liao *bleah*...). So proceeded to shift my stuff out for the painting process. Sheesh... never knew I got so many stuff in my room. Anyway, now my room is spick and span and smells like .. err ICI Duluxe?? hehe The process of painting and moving funiture and stuff is a good form of exercise too.

Speaking of exercising. I have stopped jogging since last time I left for Thailand. As CNY coming and my mum is making lots of goodies. I decided to start my jogging routine again. Wah Piang.. quite shiong for the first time. But now onto the third day liao. My body seems to recover faster than last time I start. That time really fatboi, 124kg.. Drop to 84kg and now shot back up to 92.. jia lat.. better work harder and control my diet for the sake of my family and myself. Being overweight in your 30s can have serious complications man .. :P

Super Magnets

Saw my master's son playing with this and asked him to buy some for me. Quite fun leh as its quite strong. (See Video)

Quite expensive though, $1 for each piece.

Update on girl girl.

Just saw girl on the web cam. Now she likes to grab things and throw. Normally when we chat, she will look at me and then start to target something around her. Normally its either the web cam or the mouse on the table. So wify had a tough time trying to stop her stretching for it. Which makes the images very blurry as you know, fast motion on web cam is not advisable.

Still, I can see from the video that her hair is much longer. No longer Botak liao.. haha..

Wify also mentioned she now likes to play way into the night. Normally she sleeps around 9pm but nowadays, she could play on her own on our bed for hours. Most of the time till 11pm or 12am. Just like me liao, become night creature.. hehe. I am a bit worried about if she could get enought sleep but wify assured me she could sleep till 11am in the morning and also take a nap in the afternoon and late evening.

She also starts to enjoy playing with her hands and fingers. I saw her on the web cam, facinated with her own little hands and fingers. Its her facial expressions and actions that makes parenting such a joy. Very hard to describe it here. Think most parents will understand what I mean anyway. :)


Some of you already noticed that I start to have very very short titles for each post. (Normally one word) Its actually a psychological gimmick that will entice people to read my post.. haha... Because a short title will rouse your curiosity to read more...

Anyway, this post is mostly about my preparation to return to the Land Of Smile. Already got my Visa(see pic) and booked a flight back. 28 Feb morning I will fly back to Chiang Mai with my mum. Get to see my wife and baby. Yeah!! I won't be staying long in Thailand this time as I will most probably return in 3 months time (June) as I need to clear my RT. :(

Another preparation is Chinese New Year. I am still contemplating whether the need to give red packets anot (I legally speaking ,is still a single) :P So not too sure whether our law applies to Chinese tradition anot. haha. So this few days, I will be helping my mum to prepare for CNY 2007. Good year for dragon leh... So happy..


Nostalgic. This word summurizes all the feeling I got when I downloaded this game and played on my PC.

It is also the game that really makes me think how graphics, stories, music and sound effects are going to change the future of entertainment. I have played others but this one really stands out as the one that shows the potential of computers as an entertainment tool, besides being a word processing, database or spreadsheet programs.

Those who see the familiar screen shots will know about this game for its state of art music and sound effects( graphics dated but that was the XT, AT era!!)

The porters could not use the Star Control name due to trademark issue, so they have to renamed it to Ur-Quan Master. You can download here and enjoy :). If you really got the time, play the adventure cum strategy game to get the full story, which is really pretty good.