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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!For those who read this. No lah, I did not run 24 klicks lah. Not so hiong. Instead, I cycled 24km total today (can be more though).

I first heard about the park connectors from a good friend which I often cycled together. Today, my photography friends organised a BBQ and Pasir Ris UDMC chalet at Pasir Ris Park. I heard about the park connector from East Coast Park to Pasir Ris Park is completed, so I decided to try it out. Here's how it goes..

The start of Siglap Park Connector is very near my house, just next to Victoria JC. It ran along the canal and towards Kembangan MRT. From there, have to make a little detour and continue down the canal before reaching the PIE. Here, you will encounter the first overhead bridge (total of 3).

The first bridge got slope, so I can slowly cycle up or push the bike up. Crossing the bridge, I will continue along the path beisde the PIE towards Bedok North Town Park. At the end of Siglap Park Connector is another overhead bridge.

The second overhead bridge is a conventional one (no slope). Jialat. Have to really dismount and carry your bike up. But some genius make two ramps on the side of the stairs, so you could push your bike up easily. Going down is another story, carry your bike is safer as the ramp is a bit steep. Cross the bridge and you will hit Bedok Toen Park.

Once hit Bedok Town Park, just continue straight on till the end and turn left at Bedok North Ave 3. Continue down and you will hit Bedok Reservoir Park. Turn right and cycle along the pavement until you see the Tampines Park connector entrance at the end of the park.

Here, you will follow the cycle path to Tampines Ave 1 and cross over the junction and continue down to Tampines Avenue 2. Once you hit the MRT tracks, turn left again and follow the cycle tracks towards Tampines MRT station. Turn right and continue down via Tampines Ave 4. At the next junction, turn left again into Tampines Ave 7 and you will hit Sunplaza Park.

In the park, follow the MRT tracks (cycle tacks below) Tampines Ave 9. Turn right after the junction and follow the cycle tracks beside the canal. This will continue towards TPE.

Another overhead bridge (the last one) awaits at TPE. This one is the infamous one that used to have pillars at the bottom of the slope (got one old man got paralysed after running into them on his bike) Now the pillars are removed. After crossing the bridge, prepare to turn left and continue the path. You need to cross the first bridge(walkway) you encounter to continue on the track. Once acrossed, continue to follow the cycle tracks towards Pasir Ris Park.

The total journey took me 1hour and 15mins at a leisure pace. Return trip is a bit faster as it seems to have more down slope. I really really enjoy the track. I only need to get down my bike at the second bridge and I never need to go into the road, so its very safe for new cyclist.

I think this is one big improvement I see in Singapore. Whoever thought of the Park Connectors concept should get a raise or commendation for such a good job. The tracks have some nice features too. They have already marked the distance and where to turn (at major points) on the ground with white paint. And all the tracks have sufficient lights. So its really pretty safe if you ride slow and steady. Some parts of the tracks have pedestrain(around Tampines) or carpack entrance (around Kembangan) and they put sufficient signs and bumpers to slow you down to watch out for pedestrains or cars. Very nice. The only complain is the sign board which is brown in colour. Might be hard to spot when you cycle at night.

The good news is more to come. It seems from the Npark website. They plan to connect all the parks in Singapore with these park connectors!! Next time I can actually cycle to Senkang or even Woodlands via these connectors!! Whohoo.. Can't wait for that day to happen.

For those interested about this route. Check out a map here and here.

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