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Carl's Jr Burger

I am suppose to write this last night but was very tried and managed to complete the NSP post. So have to delay this last piece of food recommendation in Singapore before flying off at 6am. I heard about the Carl's Jr burger chain setting up in Singapore and decided to give it a try before I leave. They don't have good burgers in Maesai yet and the nearest Mac or BK is in Chiang Mai. Anyway, friend ordered a Western Double burger while I get the Super Star. We took the combo set which includes a side and free flow drink.

The burger is quite huge in Aisan standard. Not bad but the price tag is a bit high. Sad to say the burgers tasted much like BK's burger. My Super Star basically is a Double Whopper with Cheese while my friend's Western is basically a Extra large Double Bacon. The burgers are so so. Meat not as fresh as the Super Burger I tried at Vivo so have to give a 2.7 stars out of 5. Suppose to be 3 but the price a bit high.

The sides are interesting though. The combo is suppose to give a normal fires but you could top up a few cents for something different. I chose Criscross fries which tasted quite good while my friend took the onion rings. I highly recommend the onion rings which are really made of real onions (unlike the BK's onion flour rings). 4 out of 5 for the rings alone. The free flow drinks are interesting too. Besides the usual fare of soft drinks. They serve non- sugar ice tea which you could add syrup and lemon slices on your own. Which is really a fantastic idea. I like Teo-O kosong peng and thats what I get.

After finishing our meal then we realised that there is a smaller verison for every burger, na ma.. Overeat liao. So we actually paid extra for an additional piece of meat. Moreover, they were introducing a mushroom burger which looks mightly interesting but we have no more stomach room for it... maybe someone can try that and post its findings.

Overall feeling of Carl's Jr is like an upgraded and more expensive BK. I do like its idea of the free flow drinks and its onion rings. But still, nothing exceptionally special. Overall 3.5 out of 5 stars. Will eat again but not too soon. REALLY quite heavy meal and not recommended for those consious about their weight.

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