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Food Fest.

Since I have not came back to Singapore for quite sometime. I already planned to have a day or two food fest for my own indulgence. hehe. Since today my mum is busy with shopping and making new year pastries, I decided its a good time to proceed with my plan.

In the afternoon. I went down to Katong Shopping Centre Food Court(at the basement) to have a bowl of Yong Tau Fu. Its the one at the corner of the food court. The fish soup and chicken rice beside it are great too. So is the western. But today I really want to eat the Yong Tau Fu as Maesai doesn't have it. The choices available are plenty. If you are there, try the fried Tau Kua and the Chili Yong Tau Fu. Very fresh and they fry the Tau Fu or other fried items again before serving you. Thus, very crispy. Price is a bit high but its very very good. Even better than the Ampang Yong Tau Fu. Another good reason to try is the sweet sauce and chili sauce. Their sweet sauce got put sesame seed in it and its purple in colour (traditional). So hard to find them these days.

My ratings 3.8 out of 5 stars

In the evening, meet up with my food buddy to eat Hokkien Mee at Geylang Lor 21A. This one special as its fried with charcoal. Long waiting time but definitely worth the wait. The noodle is not too wet and dry. Just nice and the taste is magnificent due to pork lard and the soup base. The prawns and sotong are very fresh too. I am happy with it but my buddy did mentioned the chili is not as powderful

Ratings 4 out of 5 stars

After our meal, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood at Geylang. Lots of interesting "sights". hehe. So after some walking to aid digestion. We went for supper at Lor 8 Mongkok Dim Sum. Its located at the corner of the street. They are famous for its Siew Mai and Har Kao. Most of the items are $3.00 but the quality and taste is there. I have been to HK to eat and this place offer quite authentic HK style Dim Sum. The Scallop Soup Dumpling is also quite nice. Good place to sit, relax, eat and chit chat. Not to mention sight seeing. hehe.

No pictures as too busy eating and sight seeing. Ratings is also 4 out of 5 stars

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Anonymous said...

吃了又看,看了又吃。。。 (eat see, see eat)... that life!!!
100% agree to ur food rating.... :]