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Great Fun Day.

Every year, its business as usual for participating in Chinese New Year 菜青 "Pluck Green" activity with my pals at NAAPL.

Not sure why, but this year really enjoy myself. Maybe its been some time I have been doing it or maybe its the crowd. For the first time in pass few years, we had 18 people (old and new faces) gathered to go out and have fun on a big lorry. Making lots of sound on the way and posing in silly poses for the cameras. Feel free to look at the photos this year. Every year sure got surprises.

Do wait for the videos too. I managed to finish the photos, but still very shack from the cycling and yesterday's gathering. Still got one more coming Chu Si on the 24th leh.


neobc said...

Me too, was also intending to write on NAAPL's blog on my feelings too...dun know y, and had been telling Ponyia too, tho i was at the lorry front, the whole day was relaxed, simply enjoyable and fun...:o)

HH said...

The picture is really good! Guess we all look forwared to the annual talk cock day!