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Interesting encounter.

Think CNY mood is coming. I am not writing as often but actually, there are a lot of interesting things that I had encountered. Here's one of them

Two days ago, I was taking bus 48 to Bugis again. On boarding the bus, I saw a lady with a baby in her hands. She was just sitting beside the door. What attracts me most is her baby trolley. Its already folded but its really really freaking HUGE. And the folded trolley was right in the middle of the passage way. Blocking the path to the rear of the bus (which was totally empty). The rest of the passengers decided to sit in front but I proceeded on and asked nicely if I could move in. She complied and I tried shifting the trolley. Boy, its heavy but I managed to squeeze through. Another gentleman behind did the same also. Few stops later, more people boarded and the same gentleman behind me managed to shift the trolley into a position that there is a little gap for people to pass through. At parkway, the lady with the baby disembarked while the same gentleman helped her carry the trolley down. The trolley was so huge that he could not exit from the back and have to move all the way to the front to get out.

This incident kinds of makes me thing. The lady is a FT I guess, no sane Singaporean will use such a monster trolley here. If there is one that does so, they would take a cab. This also points a good question. Why is the lady taking a bus??? From the way she taps her EZlink card, I could say she is not new to taking buses. So she SHOULD know that her monster trolley does not fit the common public buses here. Another thing is she should have moved all the way to the back, instead of sitting beside the exit door. Thus blocking everyone and its very inconsiderate for her to do so.

Anyway, like to express that I was very happy to see the gentleman behind me helping her all through the journey, its very very nice of him to do that. I'm not sure I have the patience to be like him. Sure, I got a baby too and I find it inconvenience too in certain situation, but I tend to plan ahead of not creating potential problems for the public as a public space belongs to everyone, not just you. :)

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