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Mad man and Kids.

Saturday morning is my NAAPL activity at North Spring Primary. I was once an instrcutor for the kids there before I left for Thailand. It has been 9 months or more since I have last seen them. So I was actually quite eager to return to see how they have progress.

I took bus 55 towards Hougang and then I noticed a Hyundai Getz in front of us at a bustop. Its very wierd as the driver was alone and he was sticking his right arm out of his window and waving something. I looked carefully and see its actually Singapore cash notes. There were a $50, $10, $5 and a $2 dollar note in his hand and he was waving it. I tried looking around to see who he is waving to. But the bus driver took off from the stop and got no chance to see what's going on. At the next stop, suddenly I saw the Getz drove pass us and stopped in front of us again! And he was all along waving the cash while driving and stopping. Huh??!! Whats going on man. Seems like a mad man in a vehicle. The Getz continued to do this for 5 to 6 bus stops and I looked at my bus captain's (driver lah) expression. He seems to be puzzled by this commotion too. So at the 6th stop, he slowed down and let 2 other buses overtake him. Whoo hoo.. Although we are two buses away, I still see the Getz stopping at every stop and doing the same thing. He even stopped at the junction and wave the money angrily at no one. Wierd man.

Talking about Kids, the boys and NSP have really grown. haha. Most of them as tall as me. As for the newcomers, all fresh face and eager to learn. Today a bit unlucky as someone has misplaced the store keys. Thus, we took the whole day training Wu Shu (Chinese Martial Arts). The kids are not too happy with the decision and was a bit slack. Still its great to be back for a while.

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