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Memory Pillow

As soon as I came back from Thailand. I get severe migraines whenever I sleep on my bed. My pillow is too soft. They are, of course very old already so my mum told me (actually more like scolded) to get a new one. Was shopping around Bugis area when I saw this pillow on offer at OG. Its actually a branded memory pillow. Quite interesting as I had seen them before and they are very expensive. The original one cost $300 for just a pillow. This one is not as good but feels almost the same. Price before discount is $99.90. After discount was $45. Very tempting so bought one.

It actually came in a box (should have for a $45 pillow!) and on it, it states its a NASA space technology foam and it actually moulds with the body. Went home and tried it for a night and have to say its really quite good. Not as firm as the original but good enough. (you get what you pay for). Still thinking whether I should carry it back to Thailand with me. :P Think wify will snatch it from me if I do so, maybe should buy one more.....

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