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My CNY Favourites

Just want to share my CNY NAAPL activity photos with my other friends that read my blog. Here 's a list of my favorites. Do click on the images to get a bigger version.

Wild and Stone look Series 1

Wild and Stone Look Series 2

The Chicken Wing Buddies

The Chicken Wing Buddies Imitators. (With Veggies)

Tart, Cake and Fist

Hunger for the BIG Ong Lai (Pineapple)

Boy... The day will be more complete if guys and gals like AK, MY (kena grounded) , HK (in Australia) and others are around. All the black man concept and poses and singing and talking cock. Anyway.. Thanks again to all the brudders and sisters that day for such a fun fun day. Looking forward for this Sat. :P

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