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NSP monsters.

Actually the kids at NSP are not so jialat lah, just want to make the title sounds interesting. :P Anyway, this morning woke up at 7am and proceeded to North Spring Primary. Reached there at 845am. Went to the stall and waited. First to arrive was YH and Kenny. Starts to ask many questions. How come kids nowaday so Lo So (longwinded)? Last time I am curious but not so vocal leh. Maybe overexicited with the trip??
The teacher in charge came on the spot at 9am. Starts to take the consent form and she is also clueless on the event. All we know is that we are to do a simple performance at MICA.
After changing, we proceeded to the carpark to wait for the bus. It was here already but the kids start to complain they have not taken their breakfast. Na Ma, teacher already told them to go and eat after they changed but they BLL at the store for no reason. In the end, the teacher gave them 5 mins to buy something to ta pao. Most of the kids got no money, so the teacher still have to lent them money (poor poor teacher). Anyway, Eugene shocked everyone by pulling out a $10 note and lend it to Ivan and the rest. Most of them bought a packet of Milo and we boarded the bus.
Reaching MICA (at hillstreet), we have to stop by the main road and disembark. After talking to the person in charge of the event. We are to perform a short welcome for the VIP which was the Minister of Information, Communications and Arts Dr Lim Boon Yang. Wah!! Big shot! All the teachers a bit kan chiong already. Keep asking me wether the kids can make it anot. Duh...
Another funny thing is that they want a small flag as a token of appreciation for the VIP. They thought we are bringing while BC and I thought they are providing! Sheesh, so in the end, we settled with Kum (Mandrain Oranges). Haha.
After some practice, which ends at 11am. We are free till 1230pm. Bloody hell, same joke again for those bloody kiasu middle management people. Want us to BLL for 1 and a half hour. The kids starts to misbehave. YH say he is hungry, so teacher managed to get him a sandwhich. Ivan heard about it and complain to me he is hungry oso... jialat...mutiny liao. Managed to convince them that there is a buffet after the performance, so managed to keep them in control. Thats when YH and Davin starts to make Ivan cry for making fun of him... saying he is oggling at the Chinese Dance dancers (also from NSP). Jia lat.. teacher then scolded the boys and they apologised to Ivan (not too sincerely of course). The teacher then brought the boys to the waiting room for sandwhiches and water. Finally the performance started quite on time at 12.35pm. The audience and Dr Lim seems a bit shocked at the short display.. hahaha. Especially when we exited, Davin was like sprinting 100m in the lion suite. After a short while, they called us for the buffet. Riot again! The kids can really eat. Most of them ate 3 rounds. Even little YH ate 2 big rounds and went for more snacks later. Wat lau... A bit paiseh when all the aunties look at the kids munch at their food. After the lunch, we went back to the holding area to get our goodies bag. Not bad lag, got 2 kam, a red packet and a stack of postcards. The red packet contains a peice of paper with a Chun Lian on it. And a chocolate golden coin. Have to surrender to the kids. Just ate so much and they can still munch the chocolate. And it was YH who started it!!
On the way back on the bus, some even started to peel and munch on the Kam! Wat lau, really like eating monsters man. Overall quite a fun trip but a bit tiring for just one person to control the kids. BC really have to look for more helpers for these out of school trips.

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