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Some of you already noticed that I start to have very very short titles for each post. (Normally one word) Its actually a psychological gimmick that will entice people to read my post.. haha... Because a short title will rouse your curiosity to read more...

Anyway, this post is mostly about my preparation to return to the Land Of Smile. Already got my Visa(see pic) and booked a flight back. 28 Feb morning I will fly back to Chiang Mai with my mum. Get to see my wife and baby. Yeah!! I won't be staying long in Thailand this time as I will most probably return in 3 months time (June) as I need to clear my RT. :(

Another preparation is Chinese New Year. I am still contemplating whether the need to give red packets anot (I legally speaking ,is still a single) :P So not too sure whether our law applies to Chinese tradition anot. haha. So this few days, I will be helping my mum to prepare for CNY 2007. Good year for dragon leh... So happy..

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