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Update on girl girl.

Just saw girl on the web cam. Now she likes to grab things and throw. Normally when we chat, she will look at me and then start to target something around her. Normally its either the web cam or the mouse on the table. So wify had a tough time trying to stop her stretching for it. Which makes the images very blurry as you know, fast motion on web cam is not advisable.

Still, I can see from the video that her hair is much longer. No longer Botak liao.. haha..

Wify also mentioned she now likes to play way into the night. Normally she sleeps around 9pm but nowadays, she could play on her own on our bed for hours. Most of the time till 11pm or 12am. Just like me liao, become night creature.. hehe. I am a bit worried about if she could get enought sleep but wify assured me she could sleep till 11am in the morning and also take a nap in the afternoon and late evening.

She also starts to enjoy playing with her hands and fingers. I saw her on the web cam, facinated with her own little hands and fingers. Its her facial expressions and actions that makes parenting such a joy. Very hard to describe it here. Think most parents will understand what I mean anyway. :)

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