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3 more days.

3 more days (actually 1 day and a half) my mum will fly back to Singapore. I will accompany her to Chiang Mai International airport on the 8th. Stay a night in Chiang Mai and send her off on the 9th. Its an early morning flight, so have to stay a night in Chiang Mai. Wife and baby won't be coming as the air condition in Chiang Mai is atrocious at the moment. Its the end of the cold season and the farmers are slashing an burning their fields. Making the air very hazy. Sometimes can be worse than Singapore in Chiang Mai. Over here in Maesai is better as we have no tall buildings or mountains that block the airflow. Still, its quite hazy compared to the usual clear sky.

Read from the Internet and watched Sat TV that there is an earthquake(aftershock) in CBD area today. Seems like quite exciting seeing all the people running down from their offices. Over here, the biggest news is still on the closure of iTV. Btw, iTV belongs to Shin Corp which of course, now belongs to Temasek... :P

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Anonymous said...

So itv will become Channel 5,8 or U? hahahaha or start puting Visit S******** Festival!!! We will welcome u with our Power World Class Transport!! hahaha

Mr Ba Long Long