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A bit overwhelmed.

I am a bit overwhelmed by Xinhui's changes. Its has only been a month plus since I left and she feels different to talk to and play with.

The most obvious changes are that she has better grips and the ability to crawl. Its fun putting her at the end of the room and encourage her to crawl towards you. She has a very funny crawling method by the way. Absolutely funny. I'll try to get a photo of her crawling. hehe With better grips, she is surprisingly strong for a small baby. Able to hold onto something quite forcefully and could throw a cup across the room. And once she clings onto you, its quite hard to pry her away from you. Have to check with mummy what steroid she is feeding her.

Another change is the interaction with her. Now she has more eye contact. She attentively looks at you and your actions and sometimes tries to mimic them. Of course most of the time is wrong but the process of trying and learning is fun. She is also more "talkative". Babbling funny sounds whenever you talk or sing to her.

Another funny thing is you start to see your own mother making funny sounds and faces for her grandchild. Think all grandmas love to do that.

Weather here in Maesai is surprisingly cool and dry. Very dry actually. It starts to get cold in the evening and can drop till 24 or 25 degrees when its around 4 or 5am. I am still getting used to the bio-clock. I sleep late in Singapore but over here, I tend to sleep as early as possible. Anyway, enough updates. Back to spend more quality time with baby and wife. :)

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