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Day trip to Chiang Mai.

Day 1
I am writing this in Suriwongse Hotel in Chiang Mai. There is a wireless network but it is more for Intranet service. Its an interesting day, baby xinhui and my wife send us off at the bus station. Baby was not very happy when I drag my mother's luggage. Think she kinds of know I and Grandma is taking a trip without her. I try to make her smile (normally quite easy) before I board the bus but she give me a very black face... uh ohh...

Anyway, the bus took a looong time to reach Chiang Mai. 30 mins behind schedule btw. We only managed to check in at the hotel at 8pm. Mum and I went down to Arusan Market (just beside our hotel) for dinner. Not that good and a bit pricy. 540baht for 4 dishes and for 2 person is expensive in Thailand. Walked around the Night Bazzar market and mum bought some wooden photo frames and a newspaper stand (looks really cool) and bloody cheap.

Also managed to buy some "magic faces" hehehe. Quite an interesting toy actually. Will feature it in my future entry.

Day 2
I am now typing this on the bus at highway route 118. This bus bloody much faster then the one we took when we came. Anyway, today we woke up at 6am. Went down to have the breakfast buffet. The buffet spread quite ok. Took a Sawng Tiao to airport and send my mum off. Na Ma, airport tax increased to 700baht liao.. 200 baht more. I left the airport at around 730am. Jialat, too early to do shopping. So took a walk to the nearby shopping complex (Airport Central Plaza). As expected, still closed. Shopping centres in Chiang Mai starts at 11am (even on weekends). So if you happened to visit Chiang Mai. Do take your time, sleep late and slowly eat your breakfast.

Anyway, since its about 8am and I had my breakfast. I decided to check out my Chiang Mai apartment. The management have not banked in my last month's rent. Managed to get my rent and took a Swang Tiao back to hotel. Rest and bath until 10.30 before I hit off again to the same Shopping Centre. Bought a dress for baby and some cosmetics for wify. Then proceed to Kad Suan Kaew (another shopping centre) to look see. Nothing really interesting. One thing I noticed though is the lack of crowds. Seem like Chiang Mai a bit empty. Normally during this period the tourists will still be around but a bit quiet leh... Guess its the political situation in Thailand that puts people off??

Had lunch at Sizzler. Tried the Grilled Combo which consists of ground beef and fish. The salad bar is nice. Very fresh with varieties of salads, vegetables, pasta and soup to choose from. Tried the Asparagus stick, quite sweet and tender leh. The main course came while I was having the delicious onion soup. Quite a hefty portion. I saw mainly Ang Mo in the restaurant so I guess they have to cater their size of portion. The fish tasted bland. The toast is good though. Its butter and cheese melted. Very nice. The baked potato normal. Ground beef got mushrooms with melted cheese on top. Not bad for the first few bites but start to feel eeky once go too much into it. Too oily.

After the meal, head back to hotel, packed up and check out. Went next door to Pantip plaza (Chiang Mai Sim lim square) to buy some "software" and stuff. In the end, spent all the rent money on a 3D graphics card, a 512mb DRAM and a power backup cum surge protector. Price is actually quite the same in Singapore. Might be pricier for certain items but overall good bargains.

After my final shopping, took a Tuktuk to the bus station and waited for the bus. Came a bit late and finally got on board. I bought the 2nd Class aircon which have no reserve seats. So end up at the end of the bus just below the bloody engine. Guess why I am typing this? Because its too bloody hot to lie down on my chair and the only way to pass time is to type this bloody entry. Na Ma.


Anonymous said...

hehehe dont know Sizzler is there a diff in Thai and Sing... but here they provide lots of extra side dish(seafood, meat ect..) so most of the time before the main course come, I already very full.. By the way.. Sing Sizzler main course so so only...

Mr Ba Long Long

Emma Watson said...

Nimman is the area where the high society lives, and a place for youngsters to live in and hang out, mainly due to the nightlife that it offers, and the comfortable cost of living in Chiang Mai So was the wall (Chiang Mai is a true walled city- fortified against invasion during ancient times), which now is overwhelmed by the big, Bangkok style avenues outside of it