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Funny Face

Wife and baby still not back yet. Gave me a call this morning and said they couldn't find a transport. Will be back tomorrow.

Anyway this post is about a toy I bought recently in Chiang Mai. I bought 6 of them as its cheaper (100 baht total). Already asked my mum to carry 4 of them back to Singapore. They called it the "Funny Face"

Its basically a balloon filled with clay or playdoh, tied it up with some yard(the hair) and stick 2 plastic eyes on it. Really genius as its a simple idea but yet fun to play. You could make various facial poses and could try to shape something out of it. (Use your imagination).

Maybe I should sell this in Singapore. hehe.. Cheap and easy to produce.


balonglong said...

can consider selling here!!


Mr Ba Long Long

HH said...

I remember the vendor are quite skilled in making the faces on them.